NVIDIA Reportedly Ditching The RTX 3070 16GB & RTX 3080 20GB Variants

NVIDIA really made headlines when it announced its latest 3000 series of GPUs. The NVIDIA 3090 chunky boy could apparently run games at a solid 8K at 60 frames. Of course, performance varied on different platforms but overall, the single GPU could achieve this. NVIDIA knew the potential and didn’t shy away from sharing pre-production versions with the reviewers on Youtube to show the world what their GPUs held. This was a direct hit at AMD with their works. At launch though, we only saw the 3070, the 3080 and 3090 units. There was no sign of the different iterations nor the 3060. Now, we have received latest intel via VideoCardz.com about the alleged 3070Ti, the 3070 16GB variant and the 3080 20GB variants.

No 3070 16GB & 3080 20GB?

Now, according to the article, these GPUs were scheduled for a mid/late December launch but sources claim that this would not be the case. The question goes, does this mean that NVIDIA has delayed these products. That doesn’t seem to be the case as the article takes it source from two people and both claim that these products may just be shelved. There is no call on the official reason as to why NVIDIA may be choosing to go this route. One reason that may pop up is perhaps due to the new GDDR6Xs low yield, as stated in the article. This doesn’t make sense though, since the 3070 has a GDDR6 memory instead.

As time goes on, we will know for certain what the company plans for these cards. Given that NVIDIA was aiming at competing with the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 6900/6800 series which would have the Navi 21GPU, this does raise a concern. These offerings from AMD have 16GB of Memory. Meanwhile, on the NVIDIA side, there is a little number of options to compete with these.

As for the 3060Ti, there is no word on its cancellation. As of now, it is on schedule for a mid-November launch. We shall see what NVIDIA concocts in that scenario. Maybe we get to know then why the company chose to scrap the aforementioned units which may have been game-changers on their own.

Sarmad Burki
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NVIDIA Reportedly Ditching The RTX 3070 16GB & RTX 3080 20GB Variants

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