NVIDIA Quadro Experience Features Allow Live Content Creation And Streaming, Gaming, driver Updates In Single Quadro GPU Control Panel

NVIDIA has launched NVIDIA Quadro Experience, a simplified and unified platform meant for computer systems with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. This essentially means multimedia editing professionals, not gamers, now have a platform that allows live content creation and streaming in 4K resolution, driver, and platform updates aimed at professionals, among other features.

After focusing on gamers and gaming platforms for a long time, NVIDIA is now offering a platform aimed at professionals who rely on the premium NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. The NVIDIA Quadro Experience is a multi-role platform that has been specifically compiled for professionals across multiple industries. The platform grants professional multimedia content creators the ability to “boost their creativity and increase their productivity.”

NVIDIA Quadro Experience Makes Sharing Content Easier:

The latest stable version of the NVIDIA Quadro Experience makes sharing content easier and quicker by providing screen capture and desktop recording in 4K resolution. This means multiple members of creative teams can easily upload content and even broadcast their work directly from their desktop or laptop.

The Quadro Experience is quite a flexible underlying platform in which users can quickly access the screenshot and desktop video recording features from within any application or workflow. Moreover, users can easily retrieve assets from a user-defined repository without breaking work sessions.

The ‘Instant Replay’ feature within the Quadro Experience automatically records up to the last 20 minutes of desktop activity. Using the feature, professionals can capture any moments or rewind to review previous activities.

The Quadro Experience is highly compatible with the NVIDIA SHIELD device. This makes live streaming directly from a desktop to multiple viewers very simple. Users can leverage their existing SHIELD device for an easy sharing experience for presentations, training sessions, and meetings.

NVIDIA Quadro Experience Offers Updates On The Latest Drivers For Professional Quadro GPUs:

The NVIDIA Quadro Experience keeps a regular check on the latest drivers and OTA updates which includes new features. Latest drivers usually improve stability, performance, and often come with updates that have new functionalities.

The application automatically notifies users on new driver releases. This allows NVIDIA Quadro GPU users to take advantage of the latest capabilities as early as possible. NVIDIA delivers driver highlights directly to Quadro Experience whenever new drivers are available to help users determine whether they’re ready to make an immediate update. Once ready, a simple one-click process ensures downloads and installations directly from Quadro Experience.

NVIDIA Quadro Experience Includes ‘Game Mode’ For Quadro GPUs For Boosting Performance For Gaming:

The NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are usually aimed at professionals who need powerful graphics cards for multimedia editing and rendering in ultra-high resolutions. However, they can also be used for gaming. There’s a dedicated ‘Game Mode’ in the NVIDIA Quadro Experience. Users can switch their Quadro GPU to Game Mode to gain optimal gaming performance.

It is interesting to note that the Game Mode basically transforms the NVIDIA Quadro GPU into an NVIDIA GeForce GPU for gaming. Essentially, the application is able to emulate features offered through GeForce Experiences, such as Ansel, Freestyle, and Highlights. With ‘Optimal Playable Settings’, which are in-game settings that aim to enhance image quality and framerates, the platform allows to stream gameplay to NVIDIA SHIELD devices.

The latest stable version of the NVIDIA Quadro Experience is available for download. It may have some beta functionality. Nonetheless, with the platform, NVIDIA has allowed engineers, designers, artists, architects, and other professionals not just to optimize the power of their Quadro GPUs but also to use the same for multiple roles.


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