NVIDIA Launching More RTX 3000 GPUs In an Attempt to Clear Out Remaining Ampere Stock

While people are looking forward to Lovelace, NVIDIA is reportedly launching more variants from Ampere. Yes, you heard me correctly, from Ampere. Team green has been facing a major issue of excess inventory ever since the crypto bubble bursted and the GPU prices plummeted below MSRP.

More Variants

Zed_Wang claims that more variants of the RTX 3060, 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti are en route.

 1. The RTX 3060 initially launched with 12GB of G6 VRAM, which is kind of overkill for a -60 series GPU. NVIDIA surprisingly is now launching an 8GB version, which may have a slightly reduced MSRP. The memory bus-width is also reduced from 192-bits to 128-bits. This decreases the effective bandwidth by 33% (360GB/s vs 240GB/s).

 2. The next GPU is a refresh of the RTX 3060 Ti, however, with faster GDDR6X memory. GDDR6X memory is much more power efficienct as compared to GDDR6. This enables for more power consumption providing better results.

 3. Last but not the least, the new 3070 Ti ships with the much more powerful GA102 GPU as compared to the GA104 used on the ‘original’ RTX 3070 Ti. 

Too Many GPUs To Sell

There was once a time where people would wait hours outside stores to get their hands on a GPU. Who would’ve thought that just 1 year later, the likes of NVIDIA and AMD would have so much supply that they’d drop prices below MSRP. Time sure flies by.

The main issue is not the pricing in America and US, but globally. If a GPU gets a price reduction of 30% in America, the same may not carry over to lets say South Asia. Similarly, to tackle these issues, NVIDIA reduced the prices of their top-notch GPUs in Europe by 40%.

Lovelace Inbound

NVIDIA plans to announce its Lovelace lineup on the 20th of September during its GTC Keynote. Are you excited for RTX 4000? We here at Appuals will keep you covered as each detail unveils. 


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