Nvidia may Launch the RTX 3060 Graphics Card on February 25th at $329 MSRP

Good luck finding it at this price

Around two months ago, Nvidia introduced the first mid-range Ampere graphics cards. The RTX 3060Ti promised to tackle the new consoles at an MSRP of 399 USD. Of course, finding the card at its MSRP is rare these days, but it offers the best in class performance per dollar (at MSRP). The price to performance ratio only increases further down the line, and this is where the long-rumored RTX 3060 comes into the picture.

According to Videocardz, Nvidia may launch the RTX 3060 graphics card on February 25th at $329 MSRP. Nvidia expects the retailers to sell at least the initial batch of it at this price. However, it will most definitely require a big stroke of luck if you want to purchase it at face value. Moreover, the ‘initial batch’ may not be enough for the masses, considering that there’s a huge shortage of microchips worldwide.

Coming to the good part, i.e., the specifications of the graphics card. It is the first GA106 based model and will feature 3584 CUDA cores ready to take on any game that you through at it. There are 28 second-gen RT cores to handle Ray-Tracing, and the 112 tensor cores are there to handle the AI-related tasks, especially DLSS. The graphics card will feature 12GB of GDDR6 memory, which is overkill depending upon the market segment, but it’s always better to give an option to the consumer. The memory is clocked at 15Gbps with a 192-bit bandwidth. Nvidia has already released the mobile variant of the graphics card, supporting more CUDA cores (3840) and lesser memory (6GB).

Unreleased RTX 3060 via-Reddit

Another thing to note here is that a unit of the unreleased graphics card has already found its way to a mining rig. The picture of the alleged Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 is present above.

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