NVIDIA May Feature Double Fans On Their Upcoming Founders Edition GTX 20/11 Series

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about the next generation of Nvidia cards, we have been getting renders and specs and everything in between. Although this is expected as Nvidia’s gaming graphics cards are highly anticipated every year, as there are substantial performance improvements.

But today we have a very exciting rumor. Every year we see Nvidia bring their own versions of their graphic cards, along with the cooling solution. You can call it reference design, but Nvidia calls it the founders edition. The founders edition cards have a silver finish all around with metallic overtones, looking as elegant as they can. These cards from Nvidia are often priced higher than other PCB makers like Asus and MSI, but they don’t actually perform very well. They come with base frequencies and have little to no overclocking headroom, while being louder than their competing cards.

Nvidia 7900GX2 with dual fans.
Source – Guru3D


Though, this might change with the new GTX 20 series or whatever Nvidia decides to call it. According to BenchLife, Nvidia would be making changes to it’s default PCB design. Going from a single fan card, to a double fan one. This is big news because the last reference card from Nvidia to have dual fans were the 7900GX2.

There can only be two reasons why Nvidia would go for a dual fan design (If the rumours are true), one that Nvidia have finally come to the realization that their reference cards aren’t great and need to be improved greatly or the new GTX 20 series has such a vast improvement in performance that a better cooling solution is needed. Both the reasons are great for consumers, but we will have to wait for an official announcement to be sure.

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NVIDIA May Feature Double Fans On Their Upcoming Founders Edition GTX 20/11 Series

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