NVIDIA Planning to Launch the RTX 4070 With A Founders Edition Variant

Just now, RedTechGaming uploaded a video showcasing some exclusive leaks from team green. The most noteworthy is that NVIDIA is keen on launching the RTX 4070 with a Founders Edition variant. This is major because the leaker has also presented the actual box for the GPU. We should mention that the RTX 4070 Ti, which launched a few days prior featured no such FE variant directly from NVIDIA.

RTX 4070 FE

Guess what? This is not the first time we have heard about a potential RTX 4070 FE variant. MLID or Moore’s Law Is Dead made similar claims a while back while providing us with a few renders of the GPU. The card is almost just 2-slots wide from what we can see. This generation has proven that NVIDIA has a rather weird criteria for deciding which GPUs get the FE treatment.

Now, we don’t like fake leaks and you probably don’t as well. The box mentions that it was made sometime in 2022, which is a bit concerning since Jensen is notorious for making last-minute changes. It is also mentioned that the card measures around 112mm in width. The RTX 4080 FE is 140mm, so we are seeing a drastic change in the size category.

The box features the RTX 4070, as expected, and a PCIe Gen 5 power connector (12VHPWR). 

RTX 4070 FE | RedTechGaming

The insides of the box give us a clear idea regarding the dimensions of this GPU. Unlike all other Ada GPUs, we speculate that the RTX 4070 will not be a chonker. It is pretty interesting that NVIDIA simply decided to skip the RTX 4070 at CES, however, maybe they were waiting for AMD to release Navi32 first.

RTX 4070 FE | RedTechGaming

Specifications & Release Date

While we are at it, let’s discuss the pricing a bit. The RTX 4070 Ti costs $799, leaving a wide gap between this GPU and the RTX 4080. So it is pretty apparent that NVIDIA is tinkering with their price levels with Ada. The second-hand, used market is full of RTX 3080s. The median price for this GPU is, let’s assume $599, which is a pretty rough guess.

Since the RTX 4070 is expected to make use of a heavily cut-down AD104 die, the performance level will drop, significantly. We expect it to trade blows against the RTX 3090 but lie somewhere in between the 3080 12GB and the 3090. That gives us a comfortable MSRP of $649, which is decent (speaking relatively, of course).

In any case, the RTX 4070 will make use of the AD104 GPU and ship with 5888 Cuda Cores along with 12GB of G6X memory. The bus width stands at 192 bits which is similar to the RTX 4070 Ti. Kopite has suggested a power consumption metric of 250W, but that is subject to change. This GPU will be unveiled sometime in the near future, possibly at Computex 2023


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