Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB Developer kit is Available for pre-order at only $59

It can handle pretty much any AI related project

Nvidia has been trying to capitalize on the AI and machine learning markets, from developing DLSS to employing solutions based on the AI trained on their Supercomputers. Nvidia has shown that the company is hell-bent on providing cheap AI solutions to everyone.


The new Jetson Nano 2GB developer kit tries to make AI available to everyone. Till now, building machines that are capable of running intense algorithms have been very costly, especially for the students. Google, Microsoft have their cloud-based solutions that provide their services via the internet, either free or cheap. Still, the mini developer kit will try to localize the whole training regime.

The Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB is an all-in-one single board-computer, much like Raspberry Pi, but a little bigger and more powerful. According to Nvidia, “the developer kit is ideal for learning, building, and teaching AI and robotics.” It is based on the Linux platform and only requires easy to follow tutorials if you are new to single-board computers. Users can create their projects or learn via the open-source projects from the vast community since practice makes perfect.

Nvidia also offers free tutorials and how-to videos on mastering the AI and robotics. More on it through here. Lastly, the developer kit costs $59 and is available for pre-order at all major sites, including Amazon and Newegg.


Mohsin Naeem

Mohsin is a budding writer who has a thing for PC hardware and gaming. He has been building computers according to the need of his clients and is well versed in the area. He is an economics major and the analytical skills he learned from his academics adds to his writing and gives him a unique way to observe the tech industry.
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