NVIDIA GTC Event Online Webcast To Begin Next Week With On-Demand Talks, DLI Training, Demos Of Latest Tech

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference or GTC will now be an online-only event. The event which was earlier scheduled to take place at the San Jose convention center starting on March 22, will now be held as a webcast and online streaming event on March 25, 2020. To allow developers a similar level of interactivity, NVIDIA has promised live and on-demand talks with experts from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

The NVIDIA GTC has been rechristened as GTC Digital. This essentially means NVIDIA will not be holding a physical conference in the United States. Instead, the company has decided to completely shift the event online. The NVIDIA GTC will now be conducted through digital conferencing and live-streaming. The GPU maker has allowed developers to register for the GTC Digital event online and has even indicated that there will be no fees.

NVIDIA Merely Following International Safety Precautions About Avoiding a Large Number Of Foreign Travelers:

This year’s NVIDIA GTC had confirmed participation from about 250 companies. These NVIDIA partners were expected to either present their products, offers in-depth talks or both. The topics surrounded the latest applications of GPUs and High-Performance Computing (HPC).

NVIDIA GTC has now followed the Game Developers Conference, Mobile World Congress, F8, and numerous other major events. The majority of companies are concerned about the high number of individuals, and international travelers, assembling in closed spaces. Such crowded places could easily become the hotbed or breeding ground for coronavirus and greatly increase the contamination rates.

How To Attend NVIDIA GTC Digital Online?

NVIDIA GTC is the annual culmination of training, research, insights, and direct access to the experts at the NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference. The GTC Digital is the online version of the popular conference which is attended by hundreds of developers, gamers and HPC industry leaders to understand the latest developments at NVIDIA. The company usually makes announcements about next-gen GPU architectures, cutting-edge technologies, prototypes, etc.

Traditionally, the NVIDIA GTC has been a mixed bag of events with no core or primary topics or product announcements. The company has used the platform to announce news about partnerships, projects that its customers and partners have been working on, NVIDIA’s own research projects, etc. Hence there are no strong indicators about what to expect from NVIDIA GTC Digital either.

Citing the current coronavirus situation NVIDIA confirmed it is “deferring plans to deliver a webcast keynote”. Moreover, instead of making several announcements altogether, NVIDIA now intends to issue a series of news announcements on March 24th that had previously been scheduled to be shared in the keynote. NVIDIA GTC Digital starts on March 25th, with the company set to release more details on how it will be collecting and sharing that material.

To attend the NVIDIA GTC Digital, register on the webpage NVIDIA has set up. The company has advised participants of GTC Digital to start adding or building their interest list. This should help participants to keep track of select topics.

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NVIDIA GTC Event Online Webcast To Begin Next Week With On-Demand Talks, DLI Training, Demos Of Latest Tech

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