NVIDIA Retains Its Dominance in GPU Market Despite Declined Earnings

Despite suffering a severe fall in gaming revenue during the same quarter (Q2) of 2022, NVIDIA appears to have maintained its leadership position in the discrete GPU market against AMD.

According to the most recent statistics from Jon Peddie Research, Discrete GPU add-in-board shipments decreased by -22.6% from the prior quarter. Although there was a slight 2.4% gain in shipments over the prior year, the market as a whole did poorly for a number of reasons, one of which was the overall fall in PC shipments.

In terms of market share, AMD had a slight decline from 24% to 20%, while Intel has begun to make an appearance in the rankings with a 1% market share for the time being. The percentage of NVIDIA GPUs increased from 75% to 80%, maintaining their position from the previous year (Q2 2021).

More information is available from 3DCenter, which states that 10.4 million units total were supplied during the quarter, generating revenues of about 5.5 billion dollars.

This amount, though, pales in comparison to the double-digit profits the market was realising in 2021. Graphics card sales on average decreased as well, from $1029 in Q2 2021 to $529 US in Q2 2022. NVIDIA continues to hold the top position in the Discrete GPU market, according to a chart created by the site.

NVIDIA Outpaces Both Intel and AMD In GPU Market Shares | Image: 3DCenter

The oversupply problem, it is claimed, is being given a lot of attention, and NVIDIA can shift its stock very quickly through its partners. A second round of price reductions will be offered by the GPU vendor in September, significantly lowering prices.


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