NVIDIA’s GPU Queue System “VPA” is in Development For RTX 4000 Series

A new initiative named “Verified Priority Access” is being tested by NVIDIA. It enables gamers and content producers to purchase RTX 4090 graphics cards without having to search for available cards.

The initiative resembles EVGA Priority Access in many ways, which offered verified members early access to the EVGA queue system and the opportunity to reserve a new GPU. 

We know it’s often challenging to purchase a new product close to launch date for a variety of reasons. Today, we’re testing a program we call verified priority access – which will give a limited number of GeForce gamers & creators an opportunity to purchase a GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition graphics card.

Invited users receive a GeForce Experience in-app notification that generates a unique URL – connecting invitees to a Founders Edition partner in select regions. Currently, testing for verified priority access includes: Best Buy (United States), Scan (United Kingdom), NBB (Germany & Netherlands), and LDLC (France, Italy, and Spain).”


It appears that the NVIDIA initiative is only applicable to the Founders Edition and is only available in a few nations. If you are not utilising GeForce Experience, no invitation will be sent to you because it should be there. 


The NVIDIA Verified Priority Access (VPA) platform is only accessible through participating shops in a small number of markets. These include Best Buy (USA), Scan (UK), NBB (Germany & Netherlands), and LDLC, among others (France, Italy, and Spain).

You must already own a GeForce GTX 10-series, GTX 16-series, RTX 20-series, or RTX 30-series graphics card and be signed in to GeForce Experience in order to use VPA. You will be informed by a pop-up in GeForce Experience when your place in the purchasing queue moves forward or becomes available for you to make the purchase, after which you will be directed to a page by the participating online store to purchase your card. 

NVIDIA has not revealed how many invitations will be given out or how their system for identifying “gamers” operates. Regardless of the technicalities, it is promising to see NVIDIA introducing such intiatives since everyone is eager to get their hands on the RTX 4000 series. 


Muhammad Zuhair

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