Nvidia Expands DLSS Support to Cuisine Royale and 3 Other Titles

Nvidia is the biggest champion of AI and Machine Learning, which is why the company even introduced Tensor cores with the Turing architecture in its gaming (GeForce) GPU lineup. It was the first time a graphic card manufacturer added dedicated machine learning tech in its gaming-oriented graphics card. These were not there just for the sake of it. The Tensor cores use Nvidia’s proprietary DLSS technology to upscale games rendering at a lower resolution.

Only a handful of games support DLSS for the time being, but Nvidia is working with developers to improve support. Now, the company is gearing up to add DLSS support in four more games in December. According to a report from Wccftech, Nvidia will add DLSS support in Mount and Blade II, Cuisine Royale, Moonlight Blade, and Scavengers. We already know that Cyberpunk 2077 (releasing in 2 days) and Minecraft with RTX (released) support DLSS and RTX.

Mount and Blade II DLSS performance

Mount and Blade II is the most popular game of the lot, and according to Nvidia, the game receives the biggest performance boost by enabling DLSS. Enabling ‘performance mode’ within DLSS ensures a 50% performance boost at 4K. It means every RTX GPU (even RTX 2060) can play the game at 4K with playable framerates. The same is the case with Moonlight Blade. Any RTX GPU can run the game at 4K thanks to DLSS.

Moonlight Blade DLSS performance

Scavengers is an upcoming free-to-play shooter developed by one of the founders of the Halo franchise. The DLSS performance boost is there, but it is not as huge as in Mount and Blade II. Running the game at 4K 60FPS with DLSS requires at least a 2080Ti or above.

Scavengers DLSS performance

Lastly, Cuisine Royale can now run exceptionally well with the help of DLSS. Even the RTX 2060 can come very close to the 100FPS at 4K resolution.

CRSED DLSS performance
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Nvidia Expands DLSS Support to Cuisine Royale and 3 Other Titles

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