NVIDIA Adds to Its List of Games Supporting DLSS 3

With the release of Ada Lovelace, NVIDIA also unveiled DLSS 3, which is simply a slightly improved version of the same technology introduced last year. On launch, DLSS 3 featured only 35 games, however, Nvidia is looking to grow its catalog of games, and now after CES 2023, many new games were added to the list.

NVIDIA has also shown off the capability of DLSS 3 in trailers for a few of these games. Games like Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Day Before, Thone and Liberty, Witchfire, Atomic Heart, Warhaven, Dakar Desert Rally, The Cycle: Frontier, Conqueror’s Blade, Tower of Fantasy, and ILL Space will be among the first to adopt this technology.

This means that the 35-game collection has now grown to 250 as of this writing, and more games may be added to the list as time goes on. However, there are also some games that received the DLSS 2 treatment. This includes games like Dead Space, Judgment, and Lost Judgment

In addition to this, NVIDIA has revealed something else that is really interesting. The company is bringing some new features for its GeForce Now users. Now, when you hear the term “cloud gaming,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? It could be the latency for most people.

And so, NVIDIA has announced that GeForce Now will now be using RTX 4080, with click-to-pixel latency lower than 40ms. Even while this isn’t anything particularly new, any improvement over the previous generation is a step in the right direction. However, for users with a good internet connection, it is safe to assume that the difference will be quite visible.

With that said, let us know your opinions on the technology in the comments section below, and whether or not you believe DLSS 3 is as effective as advertised, or whether it is just a marketing gimmick. Furthermore, there will be a lot more going on at CES 2023, so make sure to check out some of our other coverages.



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