NVIDIA Ends its Operations in Russia Amid Regional Tensions

According to a report by RT (via Forbes), NVIDIA has stopped all GPU operations within Russia because of the current conflict with Ukraine

By the end of this year, NVIDIA will reportedly close down all of its official operations, which mostly involve GPUs and its Russian headquarters. More than 200 employees of NVIDIA’s branch in Moscow, Russia, who were still on the job, had received the information from the firm.

NVIDIA still had numerous staff working at the main Russian office, despite the fact that the GPU manufacturer had already stopped exports to and sales of its GPUs to Russia at the request of the US government.

The decision to shut down the office, which employed some 300 people in Russia before the conflict between Moscow and Kiev broke out in late February, was made due to the “inability to ensure effective work from its employees.

While the ranks have dwindled since then, the company still employs some 240 people in Russia, the Nvidia representative told the magazine, adding that the decision was announced to employees on September 30.

Nvidia is now “actively taking out on charter planes those who agree to relocate to offices in other countries,” according to the source. The relocation scheme, however, has not been officially confirmed.” 

– Forbes 

Prior to the start of the war, there were about 300 employees at NVIDIA’s Russian office; however, since then, numerous workers have departed the company because it is now difficult to ensure that its employees are producing quality work. 240 people were still employed there despite the conflict, but they have recently been informed that the office is permanently closing. Although it hasn’t been verified yet, all staff will be given the option to go on charter planes to workplaces in other nations. 

 Reports state that a similar situation arose with some of Intel’s own workers in Russia who were in charge of the group responsible for the Arc GPU drivers.

According to a report by Semiaccurate, one of the main reasons why Intel’s drivers were in the state they were in at launch was because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which made it difficult for Intel to communicate with their team in Russia and caused the driver to be delayed by several months.

This essentially signals the end of NVIDIA’s operations in Russia, and it is probable that other businesses having operations there, such as Intel and AMD, will follow suit.


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