NVIDIA Control Panel App Update Restricted To Microsoft Windows Store App Only And External Driver Packages No Longer Available

The NVIDIA Control Panel App will now be exclusively available only through the Microsoft Windows Store App for Windows 10 Operating System. It appears NVIDIA has restricted the availability of Driver Packages through external sources. Needless to add, this restriction of the availability of a critical platform needed to configure or finetune NVIDIA graphics cards, has drawn strong criticism. NVIDIA had recently indicated the company would take such a step, and even clarified the exact reasoning behind the same.

The NVIDIA Control Panel is no longer included in the externally available driver package. In other words, the platform needed to tweak NVIDIA Graphics Card installed in PC running Windows 10 OS, can no longer be downloaded through the company or any third-party website. Instead, the Control Panel app will be distributed exclusively through the Microsoft Store. The installation of the Control Panel application will take place following the completion of the NVIDIA driver installation, indicated NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Restricts Availability Of Control Panel Application To Microsoft Store For MS DCH Drivers:

Professional users and gamers relying on NVIDIA graphics cards, and potential buyers were left a little shocked after the company confirmed it would no longer offer the NVIDIA Control Panel application independently. Instead of the external sources, the NVIDIA Control Panel application will be available solely through the Microsoft Store. NVIDIA has confirmed that it won’t offer any support for the application outside the official Windows 10 OS app.


It appears many preexistent users have been experiencing a “force uninstall” of the NVIDIA Control Panel application. Instead of the app, a pop-up from NVIDIA indicated users need to head over to the Microsoft Store or Windows Store to download the Control Panel app. Incidentally, NVIDIA had confirmed the change in policy a few days before implementing the same. The company had categorically noted that change was according to “Microsoft requirements.”

Interestingly, the restriction of the availability of the NVIDIA Control Panel app applies only to an NVIDIA GPU with Microsoft DCH Driver installed on the Windows 10 PC. Microsoft DCH (Declarative Componentized Hardware supported apps) drivers refer to a new universal Windows driver package. Although there’s no fundamental difference between NVIDIA’s Standard and DCH drivers, the latter is built on a new compilation and deployment platform that significantly reduces the download size. Moreover, Microsoft DCH drivers for NVIDIA Graphics Cards reportedly take a lot less time to install when compared to the Standard Package.

How To Download The NVIDIA Control Panel App And Graphics Card Drivers On Windows 10?

The NVIDIA DCH Display Drivers are supported on Windows 10 x64 April 2018 Update (Version 1803 OS Build 17134) and later versions. They can be installed on top of NVIDIA Standard Display Drivers. Microsoft Store is now the only location where NVIDIA Graphics Card users can download the Control Panel app and Driver Package. Still, users can locate and download the NVIDIA Standard Display Drivers through the Advanced Driver Search.

Once installed from Microsoft Store, the NVIDIA Control Panel app should get automatically updated periodically. NVIDIA Graphics Card users who may see the message, “NVIDIA Driver is not installed on your system,” when they try to access the NVIDIA Control Panel must head over the Microsoft Store during the driver update process to reinitiate the download and install process. NVIDIA has offered a simple procedure to complete the installation process of the NVIDIA Control Panel app:

Click on Apps -> Apps & Features.  Locate the “NVIDIA Control Panel“.  If you see it listed, then the next step is to manually upgrade the version. First, uninstall the NVIDIA Control Panel and then search, download and install the same on Microsoft Store.

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