Nvidia Chooses Elder Scrolls Online To Debut its New Anti-Aliasing Technology, DLAA

No, I didn't mistype DLSS.

By now, we all know and love DLSS. It has shook the industry to the point where competitors have had to come out with their own versions just to stand toe-to-toe with Nvidia. While, DLSS is great and all, Nvidia has developed a new technology derived from DLSS, and Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game to get it.

DLAA, or Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing is DLSS but without the super-sampling part. Hence, the “SS” replaced with “AA” in the name. So, everything that applies to and makes DLSS so special applies to DLAA, too. As the name suggests, DLAA is an anti-aliasing technology that uses the “DL” component in DLSS and supposedly produces incredible results. Seeing what DLSS is capable of, we have no reason not to believe that DLAA could become the best-in-class AA method after it launches.

DLAA will make its debut on Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online in fall’s content update. The developers actually held a livestream yesterday announcing major changes coming to the game in Base Update 32 and talked about the upcoming Deadlands zone DLC. Bethesda revealed that the game will receive DLSS support in fall’s update. This well help mitigate for low FPS on RTX 20-series graphic cards by offering a nice balance between image quality and performance.

However, DLSS is not needed on RTX 30-series GPUs because the native performance is already good enough and every RTX 30-series card is able to punch in high numbers in ESO. So, the developers saw this as an opportunity to develop something new for the players. They reached out to Nvidia to use only the anti-aliasing part of DLSS and that resulted in the creation of DLAA.

While we were working on adding NVIDIA DLSS, we also worked with them on some new tech that we’re going to be the first game that’s ever done this before. This is debuting their new tech, which is called NVIDIA DLAA. It’s the same kind of concept, you won’t get a performance boost out of this but what you get is absolutely incredible anti-aliasing. It’s unbelievable, it’s crazy how good it is. – Creative Director Rich Lambert

Not a lot is known about DLAA right now but it should be like any other anti-aliasing technology but with the added pizzazz of DLSS’s machine learning chops. Again, DLAA is literally just DLSS but without the upscaling part so there’s no performance improvement, it’s simply only anti-aliasing. That being said, since it’s derived from DLSS, the results should be nothing short of groundbreaking, and the developers seem to believe that too.

It’s yet to be seen if DLAA will add sort of latency to the game since it will be considerably more complex than existing anti-aliasing methods. Bethesda did not show any demos to go along with their announcement so we can’t tell yet. Also, since DLAA uses the “DL” component of DLSS, it will only work on RTX graphics cards from Nvidia. The update addressing all these changes should go live on ESO’s public test server in the coming days. so we’ll be able to learn more soon.

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Nvidia Chooses Elder Scrolls Online To Debut its New Anti-Aliasing Technology, DLAA

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