Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz to Produce Industry-Defining Automatic Driving Solution using Ampere Supercomputing Architecture

Nvidia and Mercedes are two of the leading companies in their respective fields. Nvidia pioneers graphics cards and accelerated computing solutions using AI, while Mercedes produces premium cars for the masses. Both these companies have decided to venture together to form a safe automated driving experience for their customers using a revolutionary in-vehicle computing system and AI.

The new Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the upcoming technology in the field of automated driving will start rolling out in 2024. The German car manufacturer has confirmed that it will be rolled out across the fleet of the upcoming cars. In addition to the several services and security features, customers will be able to upgrade the system according to their needs.

The automated driving solution will be built on the Nvidia DRIVE platform. The SoC that will handle the computing and AI tasks is called Nvidia ORIN, and it is based on the upcoming Nvidia Ampere Supercomputing architecture. The Nvidia DRIVE platform includes a full software stack designed around automated driving AI and its other applications. Both companies will develop the AI that includes applications with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers, that determine the level of automation) up to level 4 and automatic parking up to level 4.

According to Videocardz, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, stated that they are excited to work with Mercedes, given its long record of innovation and their strong ties in a technical relationship. Lastly, the vehicles with Nvidia DRIVE features will start rolling out in 2024, and it will be a standard feature among all models.

Mohsin Naeem
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