Nvidia 430.39 Driver Update: Random High CPU Usage for Users

Driver updates are a big part of after purchase support. Perhaps that is why we see updates rolling out almost every other week. We may see minor bug fixes more often than major updates which are more of a monthly-basis thing. Recently, Nvidia has released its 430.39 driver. While the update caters to improvements and bug fixes, it adds support to more G-Sync monitors in 2019. While the update, in its essence, is quite good, there is one particular problem that sort of renders it useless.

Perhaps that was a bit aggressive but looking at the problem at hand, it is not something users would want. The problem is that while the new update brings along a couple of features, it randomly increases CPU usage by 10 to 15 per cent. This is quite unfortunate. There is a whole twitter thread on the issue which you guys can check out here. While this is the issue, in an article on Windows Latest, the writer comments that his CPU throttles by about 20 per cent, even when on idle.

The issue here is quite clear but one may wonder, what is causing it. Well, fear not for people has figured out the root cause. The nvcontainer is the culprit in this scenario. According to the report, the (Display.nvcontainer) is hogging up the CPU randomly. One would assume that a restart would fix the glitchy task but after a while, it starts again, bringing one back at square one.

-Nvidia Forum

People have reported the issue to Nvidia and they have taken note of it. It was in a post on their forum that an employee responded to the issue. According to the reply, the developers are working on a fix and it would soon be rectified. The question arises, what till then. Well, that is the beauty of Windows. Users can opt to go for the older drivers in order to avoid CPU throttling. Given that Nvidia is working on a fix, it shouldn’t be long that we see one in a rolling update.

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Nvidia 430.39 Driver Update: Random High CPU Usage for Users

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