Intel NUC 13 ‘Raptor Canyon’ Spotted Online

Just a few weeks past, we came across Intel’s NUC 12Serpant Canyon which featured Intel’s own Arc A GPUs as a graphical solution. Now, we have an alleged low-res picture of team blue’s next gen gaming mini-PC.

What exactly is Intel NUC?

Intel’s NUC product lineup consists of small form factor desktops cosplaying as mini PCs. They are useful for those requiring a not so bulky system which can be carried here and there, although while providing sufficient performance. 

Raptor Canyon Pictured

momomo_us on Twitter shared a cryptic picture which does not reveal much and may look as if the graphics were copied from the pre-DX9 era. However, a PCIe x 16 along with 2 DIMM slots can be seen. As per various sources, this indeed is Intel’s upcoming NUC 13.
Intel Raptor Canyon NUC 13 | momomo_us

We also came across Intel’s roadmap for its NUC lineup. The ‘Raptor Canyon’ NUCs are dubbed as ‘Intel NUC x Extreme‘ shipping with next-gen (13th gen ‘Meteor Lake’) i9-K/KF, i7-K/KF, i5-K/KF CPUs. The release date is actually planned for Q4 2022 and high-end variants may be powered by Intel’s Arc A7 GPUs.  

Intel’s NUC Roadmap | Intel via Videocardz

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