Nubia Red Magic Mars Scores Above 300,000 In AnTuTu Benchmark, Beats Xiaomi’s Shark Helo

Chinese mobile company ZTE recently launched their gaming smartphone called Nubia Red Magic Mars, previously named Nubia Red Devil, which comes with 10 GB RAM, a flash memory of 256 GB and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The smartphone also comes with both liquid and air cooling systems which can keep the operating temperature as low as 1.3 degrees even after long gaming sessions. In addition to that, the phone also comes with additional gaming buttons that allow users to easily use four fingers in a game.

In order to attract the gaming community, the Nubia Red Magic comes with various additional features that may augment the user’s experience. The phone comes equipped with a high-quality sound system and a special gaming mode which increases the performance and turns on a return effect called 4D Shock.  

The announcement that the phone comes with 10GBs of RAM wasn’t met with as much enthusiasm because many other phones with this specification such as Xiaomi Shark Helo and Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are already available in the market. However, recent events indicate that the Red Magic is superior to its competitors, at least in benchmarks. The phone was compared with the Xiaomi Shark Helo in the AnTuTu Performance Benchmark and the results were outstanding. The Red Magic Mars had a score of 320,000 points which is 11,000 more than Xiaomi’s phone (about 309,000 points). IXBT claims that the reason of Nubia’s better performance is the fact that it comes equipped with an LPDDRX4 RAM module, which compliments the Snapdragon chipset and enhances the phone’s performance.

The new gaming smartphone is expected to go on sale this December and the price is expected to be around $550.

Indranil Chowdhury
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