NSA Leaked Tool Used to Exploit Computers, UPnProxy Vulnerability Surfaces

IT has been over a year since The National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tool was leaked online but its aftermath is coming back to haunt everyone again. Security agency Akamai has warned everyone that the UPnProxy vulnerability can now target your personal computers that are still prone to hacks and other cyber attacks.

When the NSA was hacked, there were patches released over the time in order to counter the exploits that were being done, but now it looks as if the security vulnerability is back again. Security agency researchers believe that the unpatched computers are now at high risk with hackers using the leaked tool of NSA to create some malicious proxy network.

The unpatched computers are at risk of being targeted by hackers through the router’s firewall. The hackers are now using more powerful tools through which they can exploit through your personal computer. This can be done by making way through your internet Wi-Fi router that can cause damage to your personal computer on the Wi-Fi network.

The UPnProxy threat always uses the Universal Plug and play protocol to exploit. Now in what can be the latest exploitation, the hackers are using EternalBlue to exploit windows computer and EternalRed to exploit Linux devices. Both these tools were developed by the NSA and are believed to be leaked during the hacking that took place in 2017.

If the UPnProxy finds any vulnerable router, it exploits the router through the service ports that are being used by the SMB. The attack and exploitation are increasing drastically with more and more vulnerable devices at risk now. It is believed that a number of vulnerable devices that are at risk of being exploited are going down and it might be the last effort that the hackers are doing to exploit computers before there are some patches released to counter the earlier leak.

The exploitation of the hacking tool has already caused much damage in the past where it was used to spread ransomware. Dozens of countries were the victim of this ransomware attack with more than 50,000 computers affected. Cryptocurrency mining attacks were also common that were being done by using the leaked tools of NSA.

Indranil Chowdhury
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NSA Leaked Tool Used to Exploit Computers, UPnProxy Vulnerability Surfaces

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