Nothing Phone (2) May Have a Central Front Camera Cutout

It’s less than a month before the Nothing Phone (2) is unveiled, and so, with any phone before it’s launch, people seem to know more about it than the company itself. So far, Nothing has done a great job with keeping everything under wraps, but the twist in the tail was when renowned leakers claimed to have accessed information on the phone.

Earlier this month, smartprix partnered up with OnLeaks to showcase what they claimed the Phone (2) looked like, and people didn’t seem to convinced. For one, there was barely any change, and the element that was different was already teased by Nothing themselves, so not a lot was revealed that was new.

Nothing Phone (2) Renders | smartprix via OnLeaks

At that point, we still didn’t have any evidence regarding whether or not the rumors and the leaks were true, but Nothing CEO, Carl Pei instantly refuted the claims, deeming them “Fake”.

In addition to that, other insiders tweeted what they believed would be the price for the Nothing Phone (2), but Pei didn’t seem too convinced, instead he chose to react in a rather sarcastic manner.

What Makes the Renders ‘Fake’?

Well, before yesterday, we couldn’t actually decide if the leaked images actually held any water. But, in a post on Twitter yesterday, Pei, in a rather unusual manner asked people to share their home screens, linking his own to the post.

Luckily, there were some clues that showed off what the phone in the tweet was certainly the Phone (2), and how the renders we talked about earlier were different from this.

See, in the picture, pay close attention to the top left hand side of the screenshot. The date and time are really close to the edges meaning that unlike the rumors, renders, and the Phone (1), the Phone 2, (if Carl’s using that) doesn’t have a front camera cutout on the top right.

What this could mean is that the cutout is in the middle, just like many other phones, and with the renders, they show something completely different, that resembles the Phone (1) more than anything else. What do you guys think of this?

As of now, this is all we know but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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