Leaked Renders of Nothing Phone (1) in Black Emerge Online, Looks Even More Stunning than the White Version

The Nothing Phone (1) is arguably the most hyped phone on the planet right now. The amount of expectations going into the launch of this device are unparalleled by any other device of its kind. A phone like this only comes out once a decade and that’s because it’s not just another phone in the long-running cycle of annual releases.

The Nothing Phone (1) is Nothing’s first-ever mobile device and the company has positioned it as a revolutionary one. The phone is specifically designed to stand out from the crowd with its see-through back featuring over 900 LEDs. Nothing calls this the “Glyph” interface and we’ve seen it in action on a bunch of occasions.

However, one thing that remains constant throughout is the color of the device. See, when you take bright white lights (say that 5 times in a row) and contrast them with a white chassis, it doesn’t really make them stand out. Sure, they still look cool, and in a dark environment, it wouldn’t really make a difference, but what if there was a darker color that could compliment the Glyph interface a bit better?

Well, that’s exactly what we got today. WinFuture got their hands on some pictures of a never-before-seen colorway of the Nothing Phone (1). The pictures feature detailed renders of the Nothing Phone (1) in black, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Does it come in black?

So far, we’ve only seen the device in white, so not only is this a nice change of pace but it suggests that Nothing might look into releasing more ‘fun’ colors down the line. Moreover, it may be hard to spot but it looks like the black variant also features a darker metal frame around the edges, which makes the whole thing looks even more striking.

Nothing Phone (1) in black features what looks like a darker frame | WinFuture

We don’t know whether this black color will cost the same as the default white one, but it would be weird if it didn’t.

What is more likely is that this black Nothing Phone (1) might not launch alongside the white variant. We say this because this is something the company has already done before with its other product. If you remember, the Nothing Ear (1) wireless earbuds launched with a white color first, and then a black color was releases a few months afterwards.

Nothing ear (1) in black vs. white | Android Authority

Nothing could be following a similar strategy with their phone. If I were to guess, the black version of the device would definitely sell more than the white one, due to the more industrial look it possesses. That’s why the company might be keeping it as a trick up its sleeves to boost sales around the mid-cycle of the phone. Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that the hype behind the Nothing Phone (1) just keeps building up.

The Nothing Phone (1) story

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, is behind Nothing, which is one of the main reasons why so much is riding on this phone. Pei left the company 2 years ago to build his own startup. In many ways, Nothing is the spiritual successor of OnePlus and wishes to continue the once-standing legacy of the old OnePlus we all knew and loved.

So far, the Nothing Phone (1) hasn’t been formally revealed yet. We know what the device looks like, thanks to a couple of teases by Nothing itself, an MKBHD video, and, of course, a ton of leaks. The specs of the device are still under wraps officially, although they’re out in the wild otherwise.

Regardless of the internals, Nothing has deliberately made the outside of the device the talking point. Apart from the glaring iPhone similarity, the Nothing Phone (1) features a see-through back with a very unique twist. While, translucent designs aren’t a rarity in tech, Nothing is adding an additional layer of functionality to serve alongside the aesthetics.

The back of the device houses over 900 LEDs, spread across four regions; center, camera perimeter, top-right corner, and the bottom. All of these lights combine to make what Nothing calls the “Glyph” interface and it’s the headlining feature of the phone. The Glyph interface looks neat, but it’s also functional.

Nothing Phone (1) with Glyph LEDs on the back | MKBHD

It serves as a giant notification LED that can display unique animations depending on the type of alert you received. These animations can often correspond with a sound that nicely compliment the whole look. So, for instance, you can set the main, central LED to blink when you receive a high-priority notification, while the LED on the bottom can light up when someone tags you on social media, for example.


Furthermore, when you plug in the phone for charging, the Glyph light on the bottom shows the progress bar in real-time. The giant light in the center lights up when you reverse wireless-charge a pair of earbuds. The phone also uses the lights to alert you when you receive a call by matching the Glyph lights to the sound of the ringtone. The possibilities are endless. 

Glyphs aside, nothing (hehe) is really known about how the phone performs, how good the camera is, or if the screen is anything to rave about. Software-wise, Carl Pei has said that Nothing Phone (1) will run basically stock Android with light customizations baked on top of it to add more features to the phone. One of those additions are the custom widgets, which you can try out for yourself by downloading the Nothing Launcher on your phone.

Nothing Phone (1) homescreen with custom widgets | Nothing

Lastly, it’s important to mention how the company has emphasized its focus on building an ecosystem. Unlike Apple, however, Nothing’s ecosystem would encourage third-parties to come in and develop products and services for the brand. This is both genius and not as good.

Genius because it basically negates any costs associated with creating an ecosystem yourself, which would be really expensive considering how Nothing would have to start from scratch to do that. Not as good because you lose the tight control one gains by developing everything in-house. So, the products and services part of the ecosystem might not be up to the same mark as the phone itself.

All in all, the Nothing Phone (1) has a lot to prove. It has become too important of a phone to fail at this point, not just for Nothing, but for the enthusiast crowd as well. If Nothing is able to execute even a half-decent launch and ship a potent, bug-free, and competitive product, then it’s really only a matter of time before it becomes the next OnePlus.


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