Carl Pei Mocks Apple on Twitter For Copying Nothing’s Photography

There has been lots of talk regarding how Nothing has been taking inspiration from Apple, and how most of stuff from both the companies look similar, including marketing.

This is nothing new to the tech industry. In fact every companies draws its inspiration from somewhere, and often there can be similarities. But, there’s no reason why you can’t joke about it once in a while.

Stemming from this, Carl Pei has just uploaded two photos on his Twitter captioned “DM me for more inspiration @tim_cook.

Both the photos are nearly identical, with the same ‘glitch art‘ effect. However, one difference is that Nothing uploaded them at an earlier date as part of their Nothing Ear 1 promo. Also, Nothing’s photo was taken in a dark room, but the Apple one was taken in a well-lit environment (or as it looks like).

Nothing’s Mission: to Make Tech ‘Fun’ Again

You’ll rarely see another company’s CEO do the same thing. While companies do take jabs at one another, (such as Google’s recent ad), they are almost always done in a serious manner to benefit themselves. Carl Pei’s tweet, on the other hand, seemed to be lighthearted.

While the similarities in the photos Pei tweeted are almost definitely a mere coincidence, the community has a great laugh about it, and this is what Nothing is all about, to make tech ‘fun’ again.

Nothing’s mission goes beyond creating unique products, it aims to bring joy back into the tech industry. This is what Carl has talked about repeatedly, and Nothing’s whole marketing is centered around this very idea.

In fact, just to share this very idea, Nothing uploaded a video where the CEO was forced to try out something he was afraid of, simply to make life ‘fun’ again.

This tweet by Carl is a branch of that, it perfectly showcases the lighthearted spirit that Nothing has. While some might take it more seriously, others see it as a playful nod to the tech giant, emphasizing on the communal nature of this highly competitive industry.

After all, glitch art is a really common effect, and its possible that both these photos had nothing to do with one another. Regardless, it can clearly be seen how Pei was deliberately trying to draw attention to the similarities.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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