Norton Toolbar Not Compatible with Firefox 41

Mozilla launched its Firefox version 41 on September 22, 2015. At the time of this Firefox update, many users were using Norton Toolbar with the previous versions of Firefox. However, Norton Toolbar was not compatible with version 41, and Norton announced that they couldn’t release an update of their toolbar immediately.

Norton Toolbar offered some useful features like safety indicator for the website you visited and a password vault. However, Norton clearly announced that they couldn’t release an updated version of the toolbar immediately. They stated on their website that an update of Norton toolbar for Firefox 41 had been scheduled to be released in October 2015. Furthermore, they mentioned that the update would be available for Norton v22.5 and later only.

By the way, I am not a huge fan of toolbars in general. They take more space and resources while offering less functionality as compared to Firefox extensions. In most cases, your older Firefox extensions will work flawlessly when you update to the latest versions of Firefox. If you miss Norton toolbar, try these Firefox extensions and post your comments about the experience.


LastPass is an amazing password manager. It has some additional facility to fill the forms, but the password management is the most used and most appreciated feature. It is not only about the convenience but also about security. Unlike the passwords stored unencrypted in your browsers, LastPass stores all your passwords with a strong encryption. Most users will find LastPass free more than enough. However, if you like the extension, I recommend upgrading to the premium version.


Web Of Trust (WOT) is a useful Firefox extension that advises you about the webpages you visit. In many ways, it is similar to the antivirus plugins that advise you on the safety of the website you visit as well as the links on the search results pages. Every time you visit a website, WOT shows you the reputation of the website. In addition to the reputation, I encourage you to read the comments posted by the users about the reasons why a particular website has a good or bad reputation.

Try these extensions and post the comments how they compare to the Norton Toolbar.

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Norton Toolbar Not Compatible with Firefox 41

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