Nomad and Kaid Already Nerfed in Latest Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch

Last Tuesday saw the launch of operation Wind Bastion on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. The purpose of the pre-launch testing is to balance new content based on player feedback, and that’s exactly what Ubisoft did in today’s test server patch. Together with numerous bug fixes, today’s patch brought some significant balancing changes to the new Moroccan operators, Nomad and Kaid.

Kaid, the three armor defending operator, will now carry two electroclaws instead of three. Deploying an electroclaw will now reward you with 2 points instead 15 per gadget electrified. Meleeing electrified barbed wire will now deal 3 damage instead of 15 damage per tick. Nomad, on the other hand, will retain all three of her airjab charges, but their functionality has been altered. Airjab charges travelling through the air will no longer trigger on enemies, and a 1.5 second ‘activation’ delay prevents the warhead from instantly detonating on impact.

Ubisoft’s decision of introducing a secondary weapon equipped with a long-range sight after removing the ACOG from the SMG-11 has baffled fans. The .44 Mag Semi Auto, the first ACOG-equipped secondary added to the game since release, has now been nerfed after severe balancing complaints from players. Interestingly enough, the ACOG and the damage value of the weapon have not been touched, but the recoil has been increased. This change will most likely not impact the weapon very much, as the abnormally high damage can still two hit kill enemies. IQ also received a small buff, as her scanner’s gadget detection range has been increased from 15m to 20m.

The rest of the patch focuses on bug fixes pertaining to maps and animations. Check out the full list of patch notes for more details. There are still a number of issues that need fixes, such as teamkillers not being kicked and suspended, but hopefully they are all ironed out before the launch of Operation Wind Bastion.

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Nomad and Kaid Already Nerfed in Latest Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch

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