FIX: No Sim Card Installed on iPhone 5/6

The quote “Nobody is perfect” could be applied to technology gadgets as well. iPhone 6 despite being a top-notch technology prompts with some of the built-in errors, one of which your mobile carrier name is being replaced by “No Sim-Card” error. It is caused because your device is not recognizing the sim-card inserted in the sim tray.

This turns out to be more of a hardware issue but for some users this issue was associated with software. For a vast amount of iPhone 6 users the problem was solved by carrying out some of the basic operations, some of which are hardware issues since they are easy to deal with because of visual inspection.

Method 1: Use SIRI to turn off cellular data

1. Open up your Siri (Mobile assistant)

2. Command your Siri to Turn off your cellular data

Manually it cannot be done since the option is grayed out since you don’t have working sim card. After siri disables your cellular data, turn on your cellular data back on. Your sim card should be located by the device now.

To turn on your cellular data go to Settings -> Cellular (or command Siri to turn it on)


Method 2: Update Carrier Settings


1. Go to your Settings

2. Locate the General Open it up.

3. Scroll down and tap on

4. Next up, see if your cellular-settings need any updates. Upon updating your sim card should be back on.

general iphone 6


Method 3: Clean the Sim-Card

Occasionally the problem is caused by the dirty copper connectors on the sim card. Gently clean it up, follow the instructions.

Take out the sim card by inserting a small pin into the small hole on the side of your iPhone.  Apply some force, it will pop out.

Put the sim card out of the tray; make sure to remember the exact looks so it won’t cause you any problem when inserting it back in.

Apply some of the rubbing alcohol at the Q-tip of the copper side, and gently rub it. Wait for few moments to dry out.

Now insert the sim card back in the tray, exactly the way you took it out.

“Sim-card not found” should be long gone now.

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FIX: No Sim Card Installed on iPhone 5/6

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