No Man’s Sky Origins Update Expands The Universe With Millions of New Worlds

Major Update For No Man's Sky Is Here

Recently Hello Games announced the next big update Origins, for No Man’s Sky. The update has now gotten details, and it seems that it’ll be pretty big.

Like many other, No Man’s Sky Updates, Origins will also expand on No Man’s Sky Universe.

No Man's Sky
New World

“Update 3.0, Origins, dramatically expands the universe of No Man’s Sky.” The Blog Reads. “Explore a strangerricher and more varied universe, with deeper planetary diversity, dramatic new terrain, a host of new creatures, new weather conditions, colossal buildings, and much more.”

Origins will feature a lot of new planets. These planets are related to existing solar systems, which have now given birth to millions of untouched worlds. Further, Photo Mode has been revamped, allowing users to work with new filters. Crafting has also been enhanced and a list of new Items like Amino Chamb, Solar Mirror, Magnetic Resistance, DIscovery Data, Pulsating Gels, have been added.

Apart from the major introduction of new planets. The Origins Update will also introduce new animals, planets, stars, landscapes, game menus, weathers, and marshes. The most important part of the update is graphical Improvement. According to the blog, a list of planetary visuals has been added and improved. Likewise, Atmospheric Visuals related to Storm’s, Cloud, and Solar have also been enhanced.

The new species of fauna

Origins is also introducing a completely new Planetry NPC Encounters. During Exploration, you will now be able to upgrade various technologies through black market traders who will frequently land across planets.

Lastly, the update is completely free. Hello Games have also announced that No Man’s Sky will be 50% off across all platforms for a limited time. Right now the game is only $29.99 on Steam.

Apart from a list of features that are added to No Man’s Sky. The Update will also fix a number of bugs. You can read all those details here.

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