Nintendo’s Online Services Go Down, Your Animal Crossing Pre-Order Will Have to Wait

If you are unable to access Nintendo’s online services, you are not alone, the company has confirmed their online services are disrupted as of now. The problem currently persists on all their network services, including the Switch, Wii U and 3DS.

Many people on Twitter shared their disappointment over not being able to pre-order “Animal Crossing”, hopefully for them, Nintendo will be able to fix their networks soon. For gamers living in isolation over the COVID-19 outbreak, this marks a string of disruptions over the past few days including the big Xbox Live outage this Sunday.

You can also try these fixes here (1, 2), but they are unlikely to work unless Nintendo fixes stuff on their end.

Disruptions in these times can be a bummer for all of us, but that’s expected given the outbreak affects everybody including the companies and the people working there. We recommend you load up on a few single-player games, maybe give those classics a re-run.

Indranil Chowdhury
Indranil is a Med school student and an avid gamer. He puts his absolute faith in Lord Gaben and loves to write. Crazy about the Witcher lore, he plays soccer too. When not playing games or writing, you can find him on 9gag spreading the Pcmasterrace propaganda.