Nintendo of America Reportedly Involved in Promoting Toxic Environment

In the past several years, there has been a notable increase in the number of insiders who have come forward to discuss how severe sexual harassment and toxic conduct can get in the gaming industry. Companies like Nintendo have been off the radar for a while now but a recent interview shows how toxicity has increased over time.

The most recent Kotaku interview with multiple former female Nintendo of America (NoA) employees showed that they experienced plenty of nepotism, workplace inequality, and sexually inappropriate behavior during their tenure there.

The corporation is plagued with “frat house” behavior, according to Kotaku’s discussion with ten different sources who worked at Nintendo at some point over the past ten years. The interview mostly focuses on Aerotek, NoA’s contractor employment organization, where women were paid significantly less than men and were essentially denied opportunities to rise.

In-depth information about the how and why of these harassment incidents, which do include instances of physical stalking and dangerous activity, is provided in Kotaku’s interview. According to reports, Nintendo’s American division failed to offer them a secure, equal-opportunity workplace despite having previously published a statement against workplace harassment.


Muhammad Zuhair

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