Nintendo Not Working With Denuvo on Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection Software

Denuvo is working on developing a DRM solution for the Nintendo Switch to prevent emulation. The gaming industry has been plagued with video game piracy since the very start, but Nintendo is one company that has been the strictest about it, going as far as suing its own fans in order to protect its copyright. So, it was only a matter of time before DRM made its way over to the Nintendo Switch.

But Nintendo claims that it has no involvement with the DRM company whatsoever. So, why is Denuvo going so far and beyond to create Software Protection implementations for Nintendo Switch Emulators?

Nintendo Isn’t Working With Denuvo?

It was quite recently that Nintendo announced it wasn’t involved in the whole Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection Software fiasco which is a surprising twist of events. Then what exactly is going on?

A spokesperson for the company stepped into the spotlight to confirm this information. The member stated that the Japanese publisher is in no way tied to the upcoming DRM solution. This solution will prevent users from emulating Switch games on the Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators. 

The actual entities(yes, plural) behind the Nintendo Switch Emulation Protection Software were publishing companies that will remain undisclosed due to NDAs signed by Denuvo.

“Because of NDAs, we are not allowed to disclose company names, but we can say this solution comes from strong demand from publishing partners”

One of the biggest caveats to the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection Software is the impending dips in performance for Switch titles. Denuvo DRM has an impact on games whether it be negligible or outstanding for that matter, varying from title to title.

Denuvo won’t effect performance

But the Denuvo spokesperson claims that the protection software will in no way impact the performance of Switch titles running on PCs via emulators. The protection software, according to Denuvo has not been designed to hinder performance in any form whatsoever. All it does is make sure the game is pirated.

Denuvo Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection Software
Source:  Denuvo Irdeto

If players have purchased a Nintendo Switch title legally, then they can still play the games via the Switch Emulators on PC. Players have been doing this for a very long time to play games at uncapped frame rates with an added bump in resolution.

“Software publishers and Denuvo take great care to deliver the best gaming experience. The protection is designed not to affect the gamer’s experience, and it does not have any in-game performance impact. It is the same for this new solution when protection is only active in non-performance critical code parts.”

“As you know, dumping your bought game for backup purposes is a long-standing argument from pirates that is simply used to justify piracy. The majority of players use emulators with ROMs from pirate sources and are not self-dumped. And if they dump it themselves, they will require a jailbroken console to do that.”

Users that expect to run the games while disconnected from the internet will have a bad time. The new Nintendo Switch Emulator DRM will not focus on online checks, rather the checks will be implemented offline.

“We are aware that the Nintendo Switch is a mobile console and therefore has limited online capabilities, so we designed our solution to be fully offline, no online checks required”

While Denuvo claims that they want to reduce piracy across all platforms with this implementation. It doesn’t sit right with the gaming community due to the performance controversy surrounding Denuvo ever since its inception in 2014.


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