Nintendo Planning Remasters of Super Mario Games for 35th Anniversary, Rumor Suggests

Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario platformer series turns 35 this year, and the company is supposedly planning a spectacular celebration. Multiple rumors claim that the studio is working on remastered versions of the Super Mario games. The titles are expected to release later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

As reported by VGC, Nintendo will soon announce a myriad of Super Mario games scheduled for release throughout 2020. VGC sources claim that in addition to the remasters, Nintendo is developing a new Paper Mario game as well as a “Deluxe version” of Super Mario 3D World which will contain more levels. In a related article, Eurogamer notes that Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy will be remastered for the latest console.

The last major milestone for the Super Mario series occurred in 2015. While fans of the series didn’t get new games like they had hoped, Nintendo held a number of events and released Mario-themed souvenirs to celebrate the occasion.

Nintendo had originally planned to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary during E3, but the entire event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, VGC claims that the new Super Mario games will be announced together with the company’s partnership with Universal Studios. Details about the previously mentioned Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan and the Super Mario movie will be shared in the same announcement.

While this is all based on rumors and speculation, multiple authentic sources including Gematsu have corroborated the news. As usual, Nintendo has stated that it will “not comment on rumour and speculation”. As with all leaks and rumors, take this information with a grain of salt. Taking into account the global situation, it’s entirely possible that development of the new Super Mario games may encounter delays. The pandemic has already affected deliveries of the Nintendo Switch console, so upcoming games may face the same issues.

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