Nintendo Launches New Subsidiary; Nintendo Pictures to Produce Next-Level Trailers

In July, Nintendo disclosed the acquisition of a Japan-based CG company Dynamo Pictures (now known as Nintendo Pictures). The plan was to make it a subsidiary company and expand into the entertainment industry.

Dynamo Pictures has provided motion capture services for games like Persona 5 and Death Stranding. According to documents that Nintendo shared in July, the deal would be completed by today, 3rd October 2022.

It looks like Nintendo has officially launched the new company as the official website of Nintendo Pictures is live now (only in Japanese at the time of writing this article). Nintendo Pictures should not be confused with Nintendo Studios, currently working on the animated Super Mario film starring Chris Pratt.

Nintendo Pictures aims to incorporate the existing characters from Nintendo Games into videos. Nintendo Pictures will work more towards the CG videos and motion capture used in games instead of full-length films like Nintendo Studios.

The newly launched website clearly describes the intentions of Nintendo Pictures and what their plans are:

We aim to have consumers worldwide learn about Nintendo characters through video and create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever.

The message on the website expresses the determination of the team behind Nintendo Pictures and shows where they are headed:

We will continue to challenge ourselves to provide unique and surprising images to customers worldwide, transcending generations and eras.

Yoshiaki Koizumi is appointed as the director of Nintendo Pictures who is a senior executive officer at Nintendo Co. You might have seen Koizumi at events like Nintendo Direct as the host. He also has contributed to Mario and The Legend of Zelda games.

Twitter user @Stealth40k revealed further details about Nintendo Pictures. The company already has 100 employees and will be recruiting more in November, according to the tweet.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo will implement this in their games and how it will add to gamers’ experience. Nintendo Pictures have ambitious goals, and we hope they will successfully provide a unique experience for gamers.

Are you excited to see CG videos featuring your favorite characters from Nintendo Universe? Let us know your thoughts about Nintendo Pictures in the comment section below.


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