You Can Now Run Nintendo Game Boy Cartridges on Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck portable gaming system is fully compatible with a Game Boy cartridge PC converter and emulator.

Since its release, the Steam Deck has been aggressively promoted as a potent emulation tool. Even worse, inadvertently, a promotional film for a Nintendo Switch game emulator was made available by Valve. It is a remarkable accomplishment that many people might not be aware that the Steam Deck can run authentic cartridges for platforms that haven’t been released in decades.

The adaptor was made by a business called Epilogue; whose stated aim is “preserving the history of video games. A PC adapter for genuine Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges has been available from this independent business for some time through its website. Users must download Epilogue’s software to use the old Game Boy games directly from the cartridge. The above software also includes mGBA emulation.

According to a statement posted on Epilogue’s official Twitter account, the GB Operator adapter and its companion Operator app are now compatible with Steam Deck. Therefore, Steam Deck owners may play their selection of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games while on the go by plugging the converter directly into their Steam Deck through its USB-C port. Although compact and light, the adaptor will swing from the USB-C cord.

Of course, the adaptor is not free. The GB Operator adaptor is presently available from Epilogue for $49.99 plus shipping on their website. For those who choose to purchase one, it is confirmed that the adapter is now in stock and that orders will be shipped very shortly.

The legality of the GB Operator adaptor may worry some people. There is no reason to think the GB Adapter is anything other than legal because Epilogue develops the adapters on its own and uses legitimate emulator software to enable games to run through Windows or Linux. Additionally, the adaptor has been accessible for some time. Knowing how defensive and aggressive Nintendo is, if the GB Adapter had violated any laws, a lawsuit would have probably already been filed.

The possibility for additional preserving opportunities provided by the GB Adapter’s compatibility with the Steam Deck is what makes it such an intriguing development. Many fans of the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance have either sold their old consoles or experienced device failure as they grew older. Now they can either play the games they already own again or add more Game Boy cartridges to their Steam Deck. 

Muhammad Zuhair
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