Nintendo Switch Emulator On Steam Deck Leaked in a Deleted Video From Valve

On Saturday, Valve published, then promptly removed, a promotional film for the Steam Deck that prominently featured the famous Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu.

The emulator’s logo was included in the most recent Steam Deck promotional film from Valve. But the trailer was swiftly removed and a fresh one put up. The open platform of the Steam Deck has earned praise for facilitating the simple integration of emulators into the portable computer, like the one seen in the video. Before the day was through, Valve changed the video with a new one in which the Portal 2 artwork had taken the place of the Yuzu thumbnail.

Although the emulators themselves are lawful, it was certainly wrong to directly promote them, particularly one that aimed to mimic Nintendo’s existing platform. Nintendo initiated several infringement takedowns on YouTube videos when the Steam Deck initially came out, showing gamers using this specific emulator to run The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Steam Deck. 

Yuzu is an emulator that enables users to play Switch games on other platforms. In the past, that’s only applied to PCs, but thanks to Valve and the influx of other portable gaming PCs that have entered the market, there are now more possibilities. While some individuals probably steal the Switch games they use the emulator for, it is also feasible to legitimately purchase a Switch game, load the ROM on a PC, and then use Yuzu or another emulator to run it, often at better resolutions and framerates than are achievable on Nintendo’s device.

Along with the emulation, Valve has recently announced you can now purchase the Steam Deck immediately without having to make reservations. The firm has now declared that the reservation process is closed. Users who placed pre-orders for the item have started receiving it in installments. The community that has been impatiently awaiting access to the Steam Deck at non-scalped prices will benefit most from Valve’s move. 

Since no official sources have officially endorsed the update, further details on this topic are still unclear. However, as soon as we learn anything, we’ll let you know.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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