Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow But Won’t Air in the UK Following the Queen’s Death

It’s official, Nintendo Direct has been scheduled for tomorrow morning, September 13, 2022. But following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Nintendo had planned to delay its Nintendo Direct Event. The delay was in talks but ultimately it was decided that the event would proceed as planned, with a few minor changes in the mix.

Nintendo Direct will Kick Off Tomorrow 

Nintendo UK won’t be live streaming the Nintendo Direct event in the UK as a mark of respect to Queen Elizabeth II. The broadcast has been confirmed to take place tomorrow and will be published as an on-demand video later at around 16:00 UK time.

This decision was taken in light of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II last week. The Direct event will proceed as planned and will be live-streamed on many other social channels.

The live stream will commence at 7 am PT/3 pm BST and will feature roughly 40 minutes of information and content that will focus on the Nintendo Switch games that are set to launch this winter.

Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grub was the first to break the news of the upcoming Nintendo Direct and claimed this weekend that Nintendo was considering rescheduling the event following the death of the Queen.

However, Grubb stated that despite Nintendo communicating to its development partners that a delay was in the works, they decided to backtrack and push ahead with the event.

This discussion happened at Nintendo of America, and then they had the full discussion with everyone who would be a decision maker – in Japan for the most part – and it doesn’t seem the plan has changed as they reach out to partner publishers, indie developers and stuff like that. – Jeff Grub

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