Ninja Warriors May Come to the Nintendo Switch Courtesy of Original Software Publisher

Japanese gamers will be able to buy The Ninja Warriors Again on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. It’s been suggested that Taito might change the title in the near future, because it sounds slightly awkward as the result of of a translation error from back in 1994. When the game was originally released on the Super Famicom in that year, it was known as Ninja Warriors: the New Generation in English-speaking markets. Many North American gamers simply called it Ninja Warriors.

Irrespective of any differences in the nomenclature used to describe it, this will be yet another classic 16-bit retro game released to the Nintendo Switch. Many software developers are working on porting older code to the platform, which is relatively easy because of how the Switch integrates emulation technology into the OS.

Taito decided to increase the visibility of their own gaming software on all platforms and announced just yesterday that they have several other titles already moving toward release. This might increase the chances that the game gets an international Switch release.

Console gaming seems to be rather challenging for the Japanese software company, and they said that they’re not completely sure whether or not they’re going to release something original in the near future. However, classic Super Famicom games have a wide appeal, which helps to ensure they’re economically viable.

Developers also announced that they felt this was a good publicity move, due to how difficult it can be to generate buzz in the console market. For what it’s worth, this part of their plan already seems to be working. Some gamers have already begun talking about releasing Taito’s and Square Enix’s Biography of Estpolis line of RPG titles on the Switch.

Commentators have also taken to social network pages in the hopes of encouraging Taito to release a remade version of the 1991 Sega Genesis beat-’em-up known as Runark. Western gamers might know it as Growl, since this was the title that some versions of the Taito Legends 2 game compilation released it under.

What’s interesting about the market plan is the fact that Ninja Warriors is a very challenging game, which means they’re possibly angling for more of the hardcore market.

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Ninja Warriors May Come to the Nintendo Switch Courtesy of Original Software Publisher

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