Ninja Theory announces the final DLC for Nioh 2 AND Nioh Collection containing PS5 remasters of Both Games

Releasing in February next year

Nioh is a souls-like action game franchise that focuses on brutal combat and narrative-based experience. Developed by Ninja Theory and published by Sony, these games show how strong Sony is in Japan. After the success of the 2nd DLC expansion for the Nioh 2 Ninja Theory announced that the third and final DLC called The First Samurai for the game would be available on 17 December.

Another flash from the Sohayamaru sends the protagonist back to the past for the last time where a new set of formidable enemies await. The developers have also been working on a new difficulty level, which will challenge even the seasoned players of the series. The DLC will conclude the story of the sequel.

Along with the DLC announcement, they also announced that they are working on a PS5 remaster of the Nioh series. They announced four different games depending upon the requirements of the consumers. There are:

  • Nioh Remastered-The Complete Edition for PS5
  • Nioh 2 Remastered-The Complete Edition for PS5
  • Nioh 2- The Complete Edition for PS4
  • Nioh Collection for PS5

The PS5 remasters of the games will feature 4K resolution with industry-defining graphics and up to 120FPS support. As a first-party title, the game will heavily use DualSense features like adaptive triggers and haptics feedback. Other than that, if you own the Nioh games for PS4, the PS5 remaster upgrade will be free of cost. The same is the case for those who have their games on the disc. The game will also support save data transfer to the PS5 so that players can continue their journey seamlessly. More importantly, the Nioh Collection and every other title will be available on February 5, 2021.

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Ninja Theory announces the final DLC for Nioh 2 AND Nioh Collection containing PS5 remasters of Both Games

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