Nikon may launch two full-frame mirrorless 9fps cameras 24-25MP and 45MP

Nikon seems to be all set to get back into the camera business by launching a high-end full-frame mirrorless camera in a bid to rival camera series of other big names like Sony. Mirrorless cameras are not a new feature for the company as it has previously released 1 Series camera range which remained unpopular. Although the range is not fully obsolete, any new camera has not been launched in the series since mid of 2015.

This revelation came from Kimito Uemura, executive of Nikon Imaging Japan during a televised interview at the Camera and Photo Imaging Show on Japan’s NKH network. He commented, “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring out a mirrorless model for this year’s event. But development is underway, and we expect to bring one to market by spring next year.”

Not much is yet confirmed regarding the expected mirror-less cameras but rumors from are underway that there might be two different Nikon mirrorless cameras in the pipeline.

Rumored Specs of Nikon Mirrorless Cameras


Rumors of two new camera models are around that would feature different sensors. It is likely that one would feature a full-frame sensor with a resolution of 45MP. This could make it the direct rival of Sony’s Alpha A7R III that also has a brilliant sensor with the same resolution. The other camera is likely to have a sensor with a lesser resolution of 24-25 MP. If full-frame, it would also be a direct rival of Alpha A7 III, or even better with a stronger grip and better ergonomics. They both will be 9fps cameras with 5-axis-in-body stabilization.


As far as the cameras’ mount is concerned, it seems that Nikon is gearing up to finally drop its famous and old F-mount and will instead go for a completely fresh lens mount design. Although the dimensions are still unclear, it seems that the new lens mount will have a 55mm opening, and will be compatible with ultra-fast f/0/95 lenses. The new cameras will feature a launch of three lenses alongside including a 24-70mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses with the two prime lenses having a fast f/1.4 maximum aperture.

Memory Cards and EVF Resolution

As rumored, the two cameras will harbor XQD and CF Express with an EVF resolution of 3.6 MP (unclear if it means MP or million dots).


It is assumed that the 45MP model may cost around $4000, with the 24-70mm lens and the 25MP model will stay under $3000 with the lens.

Release Date

The exact release data is unclear but the official announcement is rumored to be made somewhere by the end of this month and shipping might begin shortly after. If true, it would be sooner than expected as it is generally being assumed that the official announcement might be made at Photokina in September

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Nikon may launch two full-frame mirrorless 9fps cameras 24-25MP and 45MP

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