Nike and Xbox “Jam” On Custom Sneaker and Controller Bundle Inspired By The Road Runners

Introducing the 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' x Nike x Xbox "Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner" Collection

Xbox and Nike have just collaborated on a new sneaker bundle for the upcoming unveiling of “Space Jam: A New Legacy”. All of this is coming in a new bundle containing not just the sneakers, but also a custom-designed Xbox Wireless Controller. This bundle will launch exclusively on the Nike SNKRS app in North America on the 15th of July. However, someone only interested in the sneakers can wait as these (Nike-Space Jam Line-Up) will launch standalone sometime in the future.

Nike Senior Designer of Footwear Jason Petrie brought to life each of the beloved Looney Tunes with the LeBron 18 Lows. The left shoe represents Wile E. in earth tones with a Nike logo that looks like an ACME contraption set to trap Road Runner, while the right shoe features Road Runner blue tones with a touch of yellow and a Nike logo enveloped in dust clouds.

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Source – Xbox Wire

Coming to the shoes themselves, they are the same LeBron 18 Low with a revamped design and different color schemes on both shoes. The bundled Xbox controller carries over some of the design language from the sneakers, but fusing the two color themes to have this sort of Yin and Yang effect, symbolising the fight between the two characters from the Road Runners show.

It’s just pure chaos! The new circular d-pad on our Series X|S controller was the perfect place to integrate the iconic ACME logo. If you look closely, the wick above the d-pad is still lit … and as we know, Wile E. Coyote always somehow always gets caught in his own trap in the end. – Xbox Designer Elliott Hsu on Hypebeast

Xbox Space Jam Bundle Controller
Xbox Space Jam Bundle Controller

Interestingly, the controller has a custom D-Pad holding the ACME logo. This is a famous ‘running gag’ from the Looney Toons show, Wile E. and Road Runner. The Nike-Xbox bundle will also be available in retail stores in North America from the 8th of July.

There is no word on pricing yet, but we can make a reasonable guess from the previous brand collaborations. The standard LeBron 18 Low sell for somewhere around the $130 US mark, and Nike usually does not jack up the prices for the custom designs that much. So considering the entire bundle, the price should be somewhere in the $200 – $300 mark.


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