Latest Windows 10 1909 Update Affected By Night Light Bug, Workaround Deployed

Windows 10 has a built-in Night light feature that works to reduce the intensity of blue light in order to protect your eyes. Just like all other Windows 10 feature updates, Windows 10 Version 1909 is also plagued by the Night light bug. According to user reports, the feature fails to work properly due to some buggy software/hardware configurations.

Some Windows 10 users who installed the November 2019 Update reported that their devices fail to turn off Nightlight. The user reports suggest that ever since they installed the latest update, the feature is always active on their PCs.

Nightlight Mode Doesn’t Turn Off

Those who attempted to turn off Nightlight mode in Windows settings confirmed that the system uses the blue light filter during the night time hours. Here’s how a Windows 10 user explained the problem on the Microsoft Community forum:

“I have an annoying problem / bug on the notebook screen (Lenovo thinkpad L570). The blue light filter for computer use during the nighttime hours remains constantly and without reason despite being disabled by the settings. I updated the drivers and the Win10 1909 system version from Windows Update.”

The OP further continued:

“I can restore the original colors by touching the color calibration settings from the app on the control panel, but it only takes a few minutes as this annoying night-time filter returns.”

Notably, this is not a new problem and it was reported in Windows 10 v1903 as well. Windows 10 November 2019 Update comes with third-party software that monitors the brightness of the PC is blamed to be a potential cause of this issue. In reality, the update already ships with system files to perform similar functionality.

This situation leads to a conflict that results in the malfunctioning of Night light feature in the latest version. Needless to say, the bug is problematic for millions of Windows 10 users.

How To Fix Night Light Mode Bug In Windows 10 1909

If you are one of those, we are glad to announce that a workaround is already available. Almost all devices come with software that controls the brightness of your screen. You should disable any such software that comes pre-installed with the device. Jo Val, Windows Insider MVP suggested this solution:

“Check that you have not installed and enabled – running any Lenovo software to manage / optimize / adjust the brightness / energy of the device. Functionality problems Night light in the previous version of Windows 10 (1903) was given by one of those preinstalled software from Lenovo.”

You may need to reboot your PC at the end of this process to apply the changes. Although it is a temporary fix and we hope that a fix from Microsoft will be available very soon.

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Latest Windows 10 1909 Update Affected By Night Light Bug, Workaround Deployed

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