Nier Automata Tinder Fan wins Yoko Taro’s Approval

The video game industry goes a bit heavy on their marketing with the release of new games, but one fan just took it to the next level. A Nier: Automata Tinder fan convinced her matches to buy the game, and she got Yoko Taro’s approval! What a world we live in. Let’s get right into today’s news.

The Nier: Automata Tinder Fan Story

It was recently published in a news post by Kotaku that the Nier Automata fan Jen came forward with her story. She told the news outlet that she would roam around Tinder and get guys to buy Nier: Automata and then proceed to ghost them.

There’s a scene in Nier: Automata in which a depressed and broken-down android orders his AI to cease all logical functioning. The AI warns him that there’s no chance for any of this to end well.

Despite our hero knowing this, he does it anyway. This led to the inception of one of the most memorable lines of the game being “Why do I long for humans like this.” The android takes a dangerous leap of faith with someone ending up hurt.

If you’ve ever been on Tinder, you’ll know how this exactly feels like, even if you’ve never played Nier: Automata. Jen, who works as a paralegal, certainly knows this and, based upon her experience on the app, managed to get guys to buy Nier: Automata.

Nier Automata Fan Tinder
Jenny’s Twitter Profile rocking a solid Nier: Automata Cosplay | Twitter

It’s been a couple of years since the escapade, and she claimed she couldn’t show proof that she convinced numerous men to buy the philosophical apocalyptic android game.

She did have some flirty screenshots on hand, in which people would say they can’t believe they’re about to buy a game to impress a girl. Some of the people did, in fact, play the game, and the screenshots depicted how many of the different discussions ended.

What a way to spend your nights. Jen explained that it’d been a couple of years since she started these Tinder antics, and by the end of it, she managed to convince around 22 men to buy the Square Enix title.

Nier Automata is full of twists and turns and features changing perspectives, multiple endings and alternating genres. There’s not much out there like Nier and fewer like the enigmatic and offbeat creator Yoko Taro.

What makes this story truly unbelievable is the sheer dedication of Jen to the fandom, which she considers an obsession at this point. She even keeps a shrine in her room which is pretty impressive. It has Emil all over it. The table even boasts a dedicated candle which stands out. Before anyone goes into her room, Jen warns people about her shrine.

nier automata tinder fan
A shrine in Jen’s room | Kotaku

Jen delved into Nier Automata at a time when she was pretty depressed and suicidal after she was severely bullied and lived with an abusive family. She started watching Let’s Play’s of the game and instantly got hooked to the music and the aesthetic of the game. 

She read into the game’s quotes and took the ideas to Tinder. With no one local to talk about the game, she hoped to change her luck on the app, with most of her interactions being shallow.

“Many [Tinder matches] wouldn’t appreciate it as much [as I did], or when I wanted to talk about every detail and they just said ‘[it] was a good game [but] there isn’t that much to talk about’,”
“Actually many full-on expected something from me in return for recommending a game,”
“I think that [the crassness] made me a bit more apathetic over time… [of course] I know that was really fucked up from my part as well, but I do think Yoko Taro’s games deserve more recognition.”

“I stopped because i kinda realized how nonchalant I became about something so fucked up?”

“Like even tho some of them were like actually gross, but others might have just disliked the game or aren’t that much into analyzing and theories and such and [I] probably hurt their feelings [by] just ‘disappearing.’”

Jen stated that she just mostly talked about Nier: Automata and recommended the game to matches. Being the chivalrous and attentive men they are, they tried to win her heart by buying the game but ended up being ghosted by her as she moved on to her next victim, or customer for that matter. Jen’s original tweet reads.

High sales mean more Taro games.”

The Nier Automata director took note of these antics after the news went viral, and he simply added, “Glory to mankind.” That’s one way of winning the award-winning game director’s approval. The Nier: Automata Tinder fan managed to convince matches to buy the game and won Yoko Taro’s acknowledgement.

It’s not clear if Yoko Taro approves of her devious antics or if he just liked the story, but so long as he got a few sales out of it, it might mean he’s somewhat pleased with the Tinder Tactics, right?

She had some more interesting information to share. Jen claims that Yoko Taro started following her a few years ago when she started making NSFW fan art of two female characters in Nier Automata, which made her obsession grow stronger, or better yet, worse.

“Yoko Taro followed me a few years back when I made nude fan art of the two main girls of Automata,”

“I think that made my obsession even stronger lmao.”

Nier: Automata Secret Church and Nintendo Switch Port

This is just one of the recent happenings in the Nier: Automata community, as fans are still recovering from the hype of a possible hidden church in Nier: Automata. It was last month as one player pretended to discover a previously hidden section within the game that was only accessible to him.

Fans tried hard to get the prompt for accessing the secret church location but in vain. And the community very much believed him. In the end of it, the community found out that this leak was an elaborate marketing scheme for the player’s new mod.

The player then took to Twitch and explored the secret church that was unexplorable by other players and, by the end of it, revealed his new mod.

In other news, it was announced earlier this summer that Nier: Automata is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in October. According to the information provided by the game’s official Japanese Twitter account, Nier: Automata promises a solid 30 FPS in docked mode at 1080p, while handheld mode will operate at 720p at 30 FPS. Fans are pretty happy with this announcement, but others are kind of disgruntled with Kingdom Hearts only getting a cloud release.

Nier automata tinder fan
Nier: Automata Mainline Statue up for sale on the Square Enix site | Square Enix

And that’s pretty much it for the Nier: Automata tinder fan story. So, do you approve of her viral antics, or do you think she’s in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below. Jenny not only managed to get Yoko Taro’s approval, but he also ended up following her! We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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