Nexus Mods’ New ‘Vortex’ Modding Tool Heads into Beta

Popular mod hosting site Nexus Mods has announced that their upcoming mod manager has entered the beta phase. While Nexus Mod Manager is well designed and adored by many, Nexus Mods has been developing an entirely new modding tool named Vortex since early 2017. Yesterday, developers of the program announced that Vortex has entered the beta phase.


With support for over 30 games, the new mod manager makes modding easier thanks to its intuitive UI. Nexus Mods have dropped official support for the Nexus Mod Manger, and now focus on close integration of Vortex with the website. Similar to NMM and MO, Vortex features numerous modding tools such as mod profiles, conflict management, and an auto-sorting system.

Vortex UI Nexus Mods
Vortex UI

Two years of development later, the modding tool has officially entered the beta state. The developers describe the program as stable and “feature complete”. 

That’s not to say that we won’t be adding plenty of new features to Vortex in the coming years, but the Vortex of today is one that will be a more than able mod management tool for the vast majority of mod users,” reads the announcement. “We are therefore proud to roll out the Vortex beta to you, our community, in the hopes that Vortex will help you organize and fine tune your load orders and modding installations, as it has helped so many users during the alpha phase.”

Developers estimate that Vortex will remain in beta for approximately the same time as it did in alpha. The new mod manager still requires a good amount of work, but with the help of the community, Nexus Mods aims to make Vortex the primary mod manager of the website.

For a more detailed look at Vortex, check out the development documentation here. Nexus Mods have also been working on a new modding API design that will be available to the public “in the near future.”


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