Microsoft Could Release The Next Generation Xbox In 2020

Could Be More Than One

At E3 2018, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned that the company was working on architecturing the Next Generation Xbox consoles. He used a plural which might indicate that this will be a family of devices much like the Xbox One, One S and One X. This could also be taken in a different meaning keeping in mind that Microsoft is interesting in streaming as well.

If I was to take a guess there will be more than one next-generation Xbox consoles and the difference between the different models will be interesting. While we do not know much about the upcoming machine we do know for sure that it will support that games that are available on the Xbox One as well as the older machines through backwards compatibility.

Microsoft has invested too much in bringing older games to the modern console and it would not make sense to drop it all together. That would be dumb. While the Xbox One X offers 4K 60 FPS in a few games, the upcoming machine is expected to be even more powerful and could bring 4K 60 FPS into the mainstream, which would bridge the gap between PC and console, at least according to today’s standards.

4K 60 FPS is also something that developers are interested in getting in the next generation consoles. 2020 seems like a likely release as the Sony PS4 is also rumored to be coming out around the same time. The PS5 is expected to feature AMD Navi graphics and it seems that the architecture has been designed for Sony. It that is indeed the case then this new tech could be exclusive to Sony. It will be interesting to see where Microsoft will go for a graphics solution if that is indeed the case.

Nvidia is an option that is obvious, but we have learned that Intel will also be introducing their graphics cards into the market in 2020. If the Next Generation Xbox has a dedicated graphics cards, then it is possible that Intel can also be considered.

The hype is back on track and it will be interesting to see which console comes out on top. Will it be the Next Generation Xbox or the PS5? Only time will tell.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.

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Microsoft Could Release The Next Generation Xbox In 2020

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