Next Generation Snapdragon 7150 To Support QHD+ Displays, More Details On Midrange Snapdragon Processors Coming In 2019

Qualcomm, the poster boy of Android SoCs has a lot of interesting chips lined up for us in 2019. We have new details about two of the midrange chips coming in 2019 from Winfuture.Mobi. Winfuture was able to mine information about these processors from GitHub repositories and databases. The Snapdragon 6150 and Snapdragon 7150 will be the midrange chips from Qualcomm next year.

First up, there’s this naming change coming to Qualcomm chips next year. It’s evident that Qualcomm is moving away from the three-digit naming structure to a four digit one. We did have reports on the Snapdragon 8150, which is supposed to be the Snapdragon 855 chip, but now it seems this naming change is across the board for every chip coming next year.

Snapdragon 600 series has been synonymous with mid-range Android devices, and has been hugely successful. The 600 series is widely spread as there’s a big performance gap between the lowest end of the series and the highest end. It’s not clear where the Snapdragon 6150 will sit, but it can be expected to outperform any current 600 series chip released this year.

The Winfuture article reveals that both the 6150 and 7150 chipsets will be octa-core. This isn’t surprising as Qualcomm has stuck with the octa-core configuration for a long time for a lot of chipsets. There’s no information on the clockspeeds of the cores, but they will probably be customized kyro cores with higher clock speeds. Mid-range SoCs are also getting better GPUs and with more demanding games showing up on Android, one can expect a considerable boost in graphical performance as well.

Another interesting information from the source article is about the displays supported by the chips. The Snapdragon 6150 could probably support an FHD+ display at most. FHD+ displays have a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels, which is pretty decent considering devices like the OnePlus 6 and POCO F1 use them. But the Snapdragon 7150 will support a QHD+ display if the information is accurate. QHD+ displays look great, but they are also considerably more resource intensive to drive and considering the fact that the Snapdragon 7150 will actually be a mid-range SoC, we might have to see how well it scales.

These chips might be on the 11nm process, which is used on the Snapdragon 675. If this is the case then we will see more efficient and faster chips in the midrange market. Although the A12 Bionic and Kirin 980 are already on 7nm, but it’s not a fair comparison as different companies have different standards when it comes to lithograph figures.

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Next Generation Snapdragon 7150 To Support QHD+ Displays, More Details On Midrange Snapdragon Processors Coming In 2019

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