Next Generation Apple Watch and New iPad Launching in September

iPhone 12 event will be held in October.

Jon Prosser, a leaker of information about Apple’s plans, shared today that Apple might launch its Apple Watch and iPad in September through a press release. Its iPhone 12 event, however, will be held in October, instead of the usual September event.

Jon tweeted that Apple plans to launch the highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 6 and the next-generation iPad through a press release. It’ll be available starting September 7.

However, the information didn’t specify the particular tablets that will be unveiled. But rumors are saying that Apple will be releasing a refreshed iPad mini and the 10.8-inch iPad Air.

For Apple Watch Series 6, the company is expected to release a model that comes with a sleep tracking feature. It has been a major feature that you can find on Fitbit, which is Apple Watch’s biggest rival.

Currently, owners of Apple Watch could only use a sleep tracking feature by downloading a third-party app.

If Apple does add this feature, it could help the company in establishing a fortress on the smartwatch market. After all, it has been a top wearable device maker in early 2020.

The new iPad Air will also be released in September. There are reports showing that it will have a single camera with an ultra-wide lens.

The announcement of these products will be done through a press release. It’s an odd step for Apple as it is used to announce all of its new products during the September event.

Apple might also announce its AR glasses.

iPhone Event in October

Apple’s yearly iPhone event usually happens in September. With the current pandemic, it’s scheduled to be held on October 12. According to Jon, the event will be in two phases.

For the mid-tier iPhone 12 devices, Apple will start accepting pre-orders on the same date the devices will be announced, i.e. October 12. The devices will start to be shipped on October 19.

The higher-end iPhone 12 Pro devices will go up for pre-ordering in November. Shipping will also start in that month.

The company is said to launch four iPhone 12 models. Each model will have 5G connectivity. They’re also arranged in three sizes.

The iPhone 12 is a 5.4-inch model, which is the budget-friendly model. Its 6.1-inch model will be called iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro. Apple might also release a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. We can only confirm these details during Apple’s iPhone event in October.

Jon Prosser is well known for his correct predictions in the past about Apple’s launch plans. However, some of his forecasts were also incorrect. For instance, in June, he said that Apple planned to rename iOS. He even shared some images of Apple’s Airpower charging mat. But it turned out, those images were from a clone device and not AirPower.

Although some of Prosser’s claims were bizarre, he is, most of the time, right. For now, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone fans would have to wait until folks at Apple make an official announcement.

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Next Generation Apple Watch and New iPad Launching in September

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