Next-Gen AMD Ryzen 4000 ZEN 3 Series To Pack 10 Cores With Per-Core Overclocking, Infinity Fabric Dividers And Many More Features?

AMD could be readying a newer variant of the AMD Vermeer Ryzen 4000 Series SKUs which will reportedly feature ZEN 3 Cores. According to reliable sources, these new processors are being developed to compete directly against the current 10th-Gen Intel Core Series Processors. The report claims these new AMD Vermeer CPUs could feature higher core count and several other customizations and overclocking features. One of the possible SKUs could have a 5+5 Zen CCX configuration.

AMD might be readying an intermittent but newer generation of Vermeer Ryzen 4000 SKUs based on the new ZEN 3 Core Architecture. The current generation of AMD Ryzen 4000 Vermeer CPUs meant for laptops and computers, are based on the ZEN 2 Architecture. However, the new ZEN 3-based CPUs will compete directly with 10th Gen Core Intel processors and hence, include processors with 10 Cores or perhaps even higher.

ZEN 3 Based AMD Ryzen 4000 Vermeer CPUs To Offer Several Customization, Finetuning, And Overlocking Features:

Yuri Bubliy (Twitter: @1usmus), the creator of the DRAM calculator for Ryzen and upcoming ClockTuner for Ryzen CPUs, has come forth some interesting claims. He has revealed that the next generation of Ryzen series, based on the ZEN 3 Cores, might feature 10-core models. He claims the data is already present in AGESA In other words, the information is nearly confirmed. Nonetheless, it is important to state that AMD might or might not ever launch such processors. It is still possible that AMD could be actively but internally testing such a configuration as an option.

It does, however, mean that AMD has considered a future in which there are AMD Ryzen 4000 Vermeer Series CPUs with ZEN 3 Cores. However, in reality, the latest Ryzen 4000 Series processors, for laptops as well as desktops, feature ZEN 2 Cores. The next-generation of AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne CPUs, however, will be based on the ZEN 3 Cores.

The new series of processors from AMD are expected to feature Curve Optimizer. The feature enables frequency adjustment for each core in the processor without restrictions. The new version of the AMD Ryzen Master has several features concerning overclocking and undervolting for Ryzen processors. However, experts claim there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The ClockTuner platform for Ryzen, a semi-automatic tool to find the best CCX in Ryzen processors, is one such tool that goes beyond the AMD Ryzen Master and even has the potential to automate the rather risky process. The developer, 1usmus, obviously noticed the shortfalls in the official over-clocking tool to develop the same.

AMD ZEN 3 CPUs To Feature Infinity Fabric Dividers For Memory Acceleration:

Apart from the per-core overclocking and undervolting capabilities, the ZEN 3 Core Architecture is believed to allow memory acceleration. The microcode in the BIOS for these CPUs reportedly features Infinity Fabric dividers. The feature should provide more flexibility to memory controller frequency configurations.

It is important to note that the feature is highly demanded, but there’s no official confirmation yet. Still, even more, updates related to the ZEN 3 series in AGESA could either confirm the presence or exclusion of the feature.

AMD has repeatedly indicated that the ZEN 3 Architecture is being continuously developed and processors based on the new cores will be available before the current year ends. If the AMD Vermeer Ryzen 4000 Series with ZEN 3 is indeed under development, then buyers could expect them to arrive before 2020 ends.


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