NewEgg Lists ADATA 32GB UV128 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $6.99 with Free Shipping

ADATA DashDrive 32GB

NewEgg is a known name when it comes to PC Parts and thanks to their direct relationships with the manufacturer’s that allows them to procure products at massive discounts.

Currently NewEgg is running a promotion on this Flash Drive having a capacity of 32GB at $6.99 and Free Delivery.

If you do not have a USB or if you have one with less capacity, we’d recommend getting this one.

I usually prefer using a USB to keep my entire data safe in one place. It acts as a backup for all the work and files on the laptop, just in case the laptop plans to give up on you. I have an 8 GB flash drive right now which is already full and I was going through the deals on USBs when I came across this one on Newegg. Adata 32GB flash drive which is on sale, and is available and in stock at a price as low as $6.99. There is a 65% sale on this USB, so all those out there, who need flash drives to keep their data in hand while on the go, this has to be it. 32 GB is plenty of memory for anyone who is working as a student or has a lot of work on a laptop. And since the price is this cheap, you might even want to buy two of Adata USB 3.0. It is available in two colours, black and yellow and black and blue. Both the colour combinations look pretty cool. The blue and black USB, however, is for $7.99 while the yellow and black one is for $6.99.

The design for Adata 32 GB Flash drive is extremely sleek, which means you can keep it anywhere while traveling, even in your pocket in that case. The USB connector is covered by the body of UV128 which can be unveiled with one thumb swipe.

The speed for Adata 32GB UV128 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is 90MBps which is a very high speed and could be an attraction for people who do not like slow gadgets. For me, the speed of gadgets is everything. I usually have like a gazillion things to do on my laptop, and when I have to transfer something on my USB or something from it, the speed gets so slow. My expected time to complete my work gets more delayed, directly affecting the rest of my routine.

For a person who has to be quick in whatever they do, and who has to have enough space on the USB to carry a lot of files all at once, I think they would need an Adata 32GB UV128 USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Super sale price for a 32 GB which would be more expensive if it wasn’t on sale.
  • Read speeds 90MBps while Write speeds 40MBps.
  • Easily portable
  • Value for money

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