New Xbox Update – Alpha (2208.220720-2200) Right Around the Corner!

A new Xbox Update is just around the corner and it seems to bring a lot of features to the table. Joshua, the Xbox Program Manager shed light on a plethora of patches and features coming to the Xbox OS in the future update. The update features improvements intended to maintain quality while offering a stable build for all current generation Xbox Consoles. So, what are these improvements? Let’s dive in!

New Xbox Update Details

The Update states that there have been slight changes to the User Interface of the Xbox Dashboard. The system update that’s being rolled out is the XB_FLT_2208NI\22621.1729.220720-2200 O.S version. The update will be available around 2 p.m PT on July 22, 2022, and the update will be mandatory around 3 a.m PT on July 23, 2022, in case you forget or don’t update your Xbox. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your account online and access online features including networking and Gamepass.

The new Xbox Update also features some new and exciting news that Alpha users can access in their Xbox Update Preview Program.

The update will roll out a new version of the Controller firmware and it will be available to Alpha users starting today. The update focuses on improved functionality with third-party controllers that can be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This update will also mitigate disconnections commonly observed in controllers when using them with their Xbox or Windows PCs.

There’s also good news for people that like to play PC titles with Xbox controllers. The Update also promises to reduct input lag when the Xbox controller is connected to a Windows PC which ensures better and smoother response times across the board.

A number of fixes have become possible thanks to hard-working Xbox engineers. Fixes have been implemented to properly reflect local languages across the console. But for now, users participating in Preview may encounter some “odd text” across the console.

Addressing Unfixed Problems in the new Xbox Update

Microsoft has also taken note of some issues that have been listed in the Xbox Insider Release Notes for the new Xbox Update. While these problems have been taken into consideration, it will take a while before Xbox engineers go about fixing these concerns.

  1. Some of these concerns address integration problems with Discord. Xbox accounts can’t be linked if users are under 13 years old.
  2. When you’re using the Discord Mobile App on iOS, having your default browser set to anything other than Safari prevents you from linking your account properly. Xbox hasn’t fixed this as mentioned before but there’s a workaround for this in the patch notes. Set your default browser to Safari and that might do the trick.
  3. A few users have experienced issues where games fail to launch after using a streaming app. The website suggests users use the Report a Problem feature to submit feedback. A workaround consists of rebooting the console and the games will start working normally again.
  4. The Xbox team has received reports that HDMI-CEC is not functioning properly. In this case, users need to confirm if their TV supports HDMI-CEC. The feature also needs to be enabled before submitting a report.
  5. As for home problems, some users have reported that the icon for disc-based games doesn’t appear on the dashboards. In addition, users have reported poor performance with slow-downs while navigating the dashboard.

    If you’re experiencing these issues, the Xbox team suggests submitting feedback using the same Report a problem feature and listing the steps taken before the issue popped up. Users are also requested to mention the exact behavior of their Xbox on the dashboard.

  6. The team reports that some titles appear incorrectly as they’re listed with the trial tag. This will be fixed in the future.

  7. The problems don’t end here. Some users have also reported that the console displays an incorrect resolution upon boot which the team is investigating as we speak. Again, the team requests users to submit feedback and to highlight the make and model of the TV or display in the description.

    The workaround for this is to restart the console via the power menu. To access the power menu, hold down the Xbox button till the power menu displays. Shut it off and the issue might be resolved. If not, check if your TV firmware is up to date.

    new Xbox Update
    Why “Report a Problem” is useful | Xbox News

If you’re still not satisfied with the new Xbox Update’s improvements, fixes, features, and problems taken into consideration, you can use the Report a problem feature or check out the community Subreddit for any fixes mentioned by community members. But that’s not all, Xbox Insiders, Staff members, and moderators are active on the subreddit to help out users.

Xbox suggests thoroughly searching and looking at current threads before posting to the subreddit. Xbox encourages users to post to pre-posted threads before creating new ones. This makes things more streamlined for them. 

The Xbox team ended the patch notes by thanking the community for becoming friendlier and a hub of conversation and support. 

To learn more about the Xbox Insider Program, follow Xbox Insider on Twitter

So, are you excited for the new Xbox Update or do you think it just addresses problems instead of implementing fixes for them? Making fixes for an ecosystem that millions of users use and access every day isn’t easy. We hope the Xbox team rolls out fixes soon enough for all the problems they’ve addressed. 

For future news on new Xbox updates and fixes, make sure to stay tuned at Appuals cause we’re covering the latest news and updates every day! Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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