New Xbox Beta Applications Unlocks Remote Play for Everyone and Much More

A few weeks ago, Xbox announced its plans on the unified Xbox experience regardless of hardware, making sure that the players are able to stay connected to their friends and games. The new unified experience will allow Xbox gamers to stay in contact with their friends either on Xbox or PC. Today, the much anticipated Xbox application is released for everyone in Beta Phase. Users on Android devices can download the application now.

The application comes with a plethora of new features ranging from the ability to play Xbox One games on your smartphone to receive updates via notifications on your smartphones.

Notifications & Updates

Notifications & updates

Probably, the most important use case of any console companion application is to provide updates on the go. With the new Xbox application, users can receive notifications for parties, chats, game updates, game invites, new friends, and followers. More importantly, if you clear the notification from one of your devices (PC, Xbox, or smartphone), it will be removed from all of your devices.

Remote Play

Xbox Remote Play

Xbox Remote Play allows gamers to play their favorite Xbox One and Game Pass (downloaded on their Xbox) on their smartphone via the internet. The feature was exclusive for those who subscribe to the Xbox Insider program, but with the new application, anyone can now use the Remote Play feature. In addition, the restrictions on the number of logins in different devices are no longer effective. Users can remain logged in different devices using a single Xbox account.

Sharing on the go

Sharing on the go

The new Xbox controller comes with a dedicated share button that will allow users to save or share their gameplay. The Xbox application will let you know when your screenshot or gameplay finishes uploading. Other than that, it also allows users to migrate content from the console to the smartphone with an option to share with the popular social media sites directly.

These are only some of the main features of the application. Head over to the link here for a detailed overview of every feature of the new application

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