New Xbox App on iOS Allows Streaming Xbox One Games to iPhone

It’s not the same as the xCloud streaming game service of Microsoft.


Earlier this week, a report indicated that the new Xbox app would have support for Xbox games streaming to iPhone. The new app can be downloaded in beta mode.

But this capability isn’t the same as the xCloud streaming game service of Microsoft. Rather, it lets you stream games from your console to your iPhone. The cloud service, on the other hand, allows the streaming of games directly from the servers with or without Xbox One console.

xCloud only works if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles.

Major Update

This will be a major update to the iOS app. It’s the same functionality as the one introduced for Android users. The new feature might come in time for the market launch of Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10.

This Remote play feature is similar to the PS4 Remote Play that you can also use on iOS and Android. It works as Xbox console streaming. This feature has been available on both iOS and Android since 2019.

This is unexpected considering Apple’s stringent rules on gaming platforms in the App Store. But what Microsoft is doing is different, which is allowed by Apple. The iPhone maker has a name for this kind of streaming game idea also known as Remote Desktop Clients.

This type of app is allowed by Apple because it’s valuable for more than just games.

You can access your Xbox console over Wi-Fi. But it’s also possible to access it through LTE connection. With this kind of functionality, you can boot your console remotely even if you’re outside of your house. It can start sans a sound or light at the front. When you disconnect it, the console will go back to its standby mode.

Recently, Apple allows Stadia and xCloud. However, Microsoft has to submit its hundreds of games separately through the streaming tech.

The new Xbox app is available for TestFlight members only. However, it will soon be available in the App Store for everyone to download and install.

The reason Apple doesn’t allow gaming platforms on its App Store is that it can’t review each game that is part of those apps. The goal of the App Store is to create a safe place for customers to find apps and download them.

Before an app goes to the Store, it will be reviewed against the strict guidelines that aim to protect customers while providing a fair playing field to developers.

Since games are interactive, they must be reviewed by Apple’s team before they can be made available for download by iPhone and iPad users.

Apple promotes its iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV as gaming devices using the Apple Arcade. But the restrictions on its App Store are greatly affecting its users.

Apple has prevented xCloud and other similar apps from being available on iOS. Then again, Apple is known to change its rules if it wants to. It might change its mind and will soon allow xCloud on iOS without those stringent rules.


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